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ADW Ice Age Miniatures Kickstarter


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Do not engage.


We normally promote free and open discussion, but at this time we are once again asking this forum and it's members to not engage, take appropriate steps if you must re: report buttons etc. but we are once again temporarily locking this discussion.


Nothing productive to the overall community can come from belaboring the current situation.

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Just a heads up, now that the threads are unlocked. The 14-day process for KS/Amazon to transfer the money is up, which was a likely cause of the events of yesterday. There has been no word from then since, but Aard reports receiving an email from someone claiming to have been scammed out of $60,000 by these same people. I suspect that, now they have their money, we will not hear from them again.

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When dealing with situations like this... I do not like to speculate. Speculation leaves one open for attack, it is why I stick to posting bland factual statements, and allow others to make their own conclusions from the data. (Usually the data gives a very compelling case).



However, if I were to guess, based on my experience, I would be surprised to see ADW games post another Kickstarter. They may try to branch out to as a different company and continue to use Kickstarter. They may go to Indigogo... but It would be surprising ADW would post another Kickstarter with the same account, in the same genre, at any time in the future. 


I find it likely they will pursue other avenues for the time being, at least until some of the froth settles down.

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If they disappear with the money I doubt kickstarter can do much of anything.  given what has come to light I doubt we will be seeing them again.  I just feel really bad for people that backed for more than I did.  I backed knowing I might lose my money.  I hope no one really sacrificed to pledge for this.

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I hope no one really sacrificed to pledge for this.

The reason this thread is unlocked is to provide a place for those members of the community who did back this project to discuss their options and outcomes.


Please do not use this thread to post any material which is knowingly false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise violative of any law.


While it is a service to our community and to future persons who may have cause to interact with this company this thread will remain open.  When this thread becomes a place to spew abuse, whether or not you feel the company deserves it, it will be removed again.


Be aware of this, and abide by our rules, and we can provide this space for this discussion.


Edit to add: Dontfear was not quoted as a negative example, but a positive one.

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So, I'm in the unenviable position of having a bunch of people who lost way more money than any of us sending me emails, and I'm keeping most of it close to the chest so they can pursue their own legal strategies... and because I really really don't want to get sued by anyone, and have no idea what I'm doing am a competent adult acting as is appropriate for a businesswoman.


All I'm saying is that anyone ill affected by this KS should contact the Mounties about this lot. They're up in Canuckistan, not in NY, Cali, or Delaware. Give them the names "Dina Andrews Walker" "LarsSunderflyrr" and "Scott Lantry" - that way they can cross-reference with older scams; both "Dina" and "Lars" have been used in the past - and "Henry Kipling", the guy I and a few other backers spoke with on the phone. You can give them a last known location of Montreal, too, and should probably mention "Evergreen Entertainment Group" "Weaver, Chester & Tweed LLC" and "Evergreen Entertainment LLC" in addition to "ADW Games".


Other groups to report them to:

Your state's Attorney General! Tell them what happened to you - the more people who report things like this, the more people will have their eyes out.

The state of California! Report against Entity #200904010277, incorporated 2009, "Evergreen Entertainment Group LLC" - this is the business Dina gave me as her front.

The New York Attorney General! Tell them that they gave a fake address, and claimed to be running their business out of NYC. The fake address they gave me was ADW Games, 51 W 52nd Street, New York, NY 10019; I know there's at least one other one bouncing around, though...

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Since Evergreen Entertainment LLC was the corporation that charged your credit card, there is always the BBB.


I see 0 complaints have been lodged in the last 3 years.



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I can not encourage people who have been victimized by this, or feel they have been victimized by this, enough. Contact the RCMP. Also the Montreal police with reports of fraud. The RCMP is really very good at investigating fraudulent businesses, and if they can put together enough evidence to do so, they will bring it to a head.

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