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ADW Ice Age Miniatures Kickstarter


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Just popped in real quick to say that I reported the project to KS as well, for whatever that's worth. I figure that even though I'm not financially invested in this project, just adding another voice asking KS to look at this project will help.


I read back through the KS comments for a bit, and I just wanted to commend you, Aard, for taking so much on yourself. You are a very brave woman, and I wish you much luck in helping to sort this all out. If I can help in any way, let me know.



--OneBoot :D

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Thanks for popping that off for me, whoever did. I just got another couple of emails & was feeling pretty frustrated; I was gonna delete it myself, but thanks for getting to it before me. No need for my frustration to sour the mood.


I think I'm gonna leave this alone for tonight. Gonna go look at CMON. I've got enough awesome arriving in the next month that I'm not gonna let myself feel bitter.

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I don't have time to read what has taken place over the last day or so yet (or even catch up on this thread), but I am in for this one at $15. Should I think of it as cost of admission to the crazy show, or should I be actively pursuing a refund?

You can attempt a chargeback if your bank has a very nice policy on these things, but there is little to no chance of ADW refunding you (they have already denied refund requests from others, and now have stopped responding at all). It is unlikely your bank will refund you at this point for the Ice Age minis, since the standard 30-day window has passed. If you are in the Sea Monsters KS, it may still be possible to get a chargeback from your bank, since that one only ended two weeks ago.

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Is it bad of me to be madder at them for going off on Aard than for potentially defrauding their customers?


Not really. Aard is a person we know, and consider a friend. Most everyone else is strangers and they don't touch your life in any real way. I think it's the most natural thing in the world.


Does any one know if the product side of any of their project were done and if so what? If the sculptors have them in hand, I might have a way to get them off their hands and in to yours.

Frankly, from what little we have seen, I doubt it very much. What little we've actually seen anything of, there may not be any real sculptors involved, and what sculpts that have been shown, are in no shape for casting. That may not be the case, but the way things are looking, I doubt there is much to be gotten, and gotten into the hands of backers.  Honestly, I really feel bad for people and companies like you, who may have problems in the future by folks that where affected by this. Once bitten, twice shy as the saying goes. It may cost you a few backers should you go with something like your kickstarter, again in the future.

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Actually to my understanding the sculpts shown on the original KS images that were good quality were never handed over since the artists didn't get paid - hence there must be sculptors out there presumably with at least some of these earlier models still to hand.

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Sent in my refund request.  I still need to look into requesting a charge back from the bank.


Thanks, Aard, for all the sweat (and presumably blood and tears) you've put into this project, first supporting what appeared to be an awesome campaign, and now supporting the community you helped foster.  Your efforts have been appreciated throughout.

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I'm asking kindly.  Let us not use this thread, or the other thread discussing the other project by the same company, for idle conversation.


I was very clear why we must limit what this thread is used for, and All Moderators are watching closely.  Do not force us to remove this resource from those backers who need a place to communicate.


If you are not a backer or do not specifically have information relevant to the Ice Age Mammals project and the backers thereof, please do not post in this thread.  Off topic posts will be culled**.


**some have just been removed. 

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