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ADW Ice Age Miniatures Kickstarter


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I would like to nip in the bud some speculation I have seen (not on Reaper's forums) about why the artists did not speak up earlier about being stiffed by the project creators.


The project creators have acted abusively in public towards people on this forum and their own backers on Kickstarter over simple queries and comments about their project. I think it's safe to assume this is established behavior from them.


If threats of lawsuits and insinuative comments about knowing exactly where people live are creepy in a public venue, imagine how much worse they would be coming in private correspondence from one's business client.


(I don't even want to think about whether these people were on their good behavior for public consumption.)


If there are several artists whose good names were pulled into this (and this company seems to have a habit of that, if the PBS report about their videography activities is anything to go by) who were subsequently unpaid and maltreated, it is perfectly understandable that they might wish to keep as great a distance between them and these people as possible.


There's also the impression this company tried to give of being rich, connected and powerful. A lone freelance artist is unlikely to be willing to butt heads with such a group, especially if it puts frothing abuse and threats to the artist's reputation and livelihood in its correspondence.


This company seems to have a history of using people. It must be awful to be first abused and then to realize that your work was bait.


The freelance artists were victims as much as everyone else.

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I posted a dispute with my Discovery card for this Kickstarter about a week ago.  When the meltdown happened, I called customer service for Discovery.  They had not opened the dispute case yet but my call prompted them to open the case, and they said they would provide a chargeback credit within a couple of days.  They said if the merchant disputes the chargeback, I will have the opportunity to respond with evidence.

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I've just been reading this today. The antifraudcentre.ca is North American. Lots of US-Canadian cooperation there.

If there's speculation of people being in Montreal, you could also contact the Quebec consumer protection agency... a lot of the website might be in French though http://www.opc.gouv.qc.ca/en/home/. The police have stronger powers, but it's just one other body that will monitor things.

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Translation: Hearth Stone miniatures has made an arrangement with the sculptor of the models which were originally shown on this Kickstarter. The company will be producing resin casts of those figures for sale "in the next month."


So those lovely terror birds and the lion and the woolly rhino et alia have found their way to the market after all.

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For the sake of clarity I want to state that I did not get the mammoth or the gnome.  Pin wanted to give the mammoth to the concept artist and the gnome to Andrea Sfigolfi.  Just FYI.  I don't want to derail this thread though.  This is a valuable resource to the backers of this project.

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Oct 1 2014
Majour Update and Production Schedule

Hello. This is Susan Taylor. As you know, I am handling fulfillment of this KS Campaign moving froward.  

This Update is to inform you that as of last week, there has been a change in management for ADWGAMES, and subsequently, this Campaign.  

We will have a significant Update of miniature photos posted on Oct. 10, 2014 and October 17, 2104, comprising, close to 100% of the miniatures and stretch goals for the Campaign. 

Shortly thereafter, we will begin production and delivery.

Thank you for your patience. [email protected]

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Update right before it is also of interest, I thought.




Following the exchange of comments on this Kickstarter Campaign earlier in the week, Laurence Elkins, and the Company have decided to amicably and mutually part ways.  

From Mr. Elkins: "It has become quite obvious that I do not have the temperament, or anger threshold level, to interact with Internet communications that turn abusive and non-social for the sake of being same. As such, I am removing myself from ADWGAMES and her KS Campaigns. Please note that none of my comments were sanctioned, condoned by ADWGAMES, and my posting on the comment section of the KS Campaign was done so without their knowledge, consent or review. I wish both the ADWGAMES team and the quiet, decent customers found on KS, the best of luck and success. And, I apologize if I let a few personal attacks from aggressive Pledgers get the best of me and diminish the quality of communication from the ADWGAMES side."   

All future corporate correspondence should direct directed to Susan Taylor: [email protected].

Schedule for production before Mr. Elkins left was is approximately two weeks. We currently believe it will take an extra week due to this change in talent resources. ADWGAMES apologizes for the unsupervised actions related to this series of communcations.

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Same old story. I'll believe them only when people have what they backed for in hand. I think this is more in reference to the kickstarter tos than anything else. Although why i don't quite understand.

No one could find them to take them to court, thanks to their proxy addresses, numbers and emails. So why this now? They were pretty much free. Did the credit card, banks find them?

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