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ADW Ice Age Miniatures Kickstarter


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I'm worried that this is in reply to Don't fears company.

I am more inclined to think it is another obfuscatory tactic. Shuffle off the personas responsible for the uproar and introduce a new cast of characters with unsullied names to buy time and shift blame.


Weaverchestertweed is, I believe, one of the shadow companies associated with this couple in the past.


I note that the introduction of new names is treated as something so ordinary as to be unworthy of comment or explanation.


There is no mention of the astonishing behavior of the online personas previously associated with this project.


There is no explanation of just why these communications were made on the company stationery, as it were.


There is no explanation of who these new names are, or what their relation to the original names is.


Also I note that the apologies, such as they are, are not for the shocking abusive posts. Instead they are thinly-veiled justifications of those very same posts, and they repeat the (baseless, as anyone looking at the original exchanges will see) charge that other people being abusive provoked them. If I were a company owner I would find them utterly unacceptable as apologies.


In short, this gives every appearance of being a classic diversionary tactic.

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So Lars, the Swede with the ponytail, is now Laurence Elkins (Lars is a very common Swedish name, Laurence sure isn't). Actually, I remember distinctly that Lars said in the comments that one of the noble families of their fantasy world Doggerland was named after him, I could probably dig that quote up given some time. Sunderflyrr is one of those noble families and Lars Sunderflyrr was one of the names connected to one of the parental companies. I also note that that Susan Taylor in update #120 spells major as majour, just like Lars always did.


Hey, circumstantial evidence is fun! ::):

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Looks like someone is trying to wave legalistic-sounding intimidation tactics.


I am not a lawyer, but I am related to some and this reads to me like people who picked up some legal vocabulary and are hoping to sound scary to the uninitiated.


Quoted from a Kickstarter post by the recipient:



ADW Games has been notified that you are producing exact miniature replications of our corporate intellectual property in coordination with an ex-ADW employee who has breached her contract, stolen corporate goods and information, and agreed to a non-compete clause.

We hereby demand that you remove any and all terror bird or ice age mammal miniatures from your website immediately, or we will be forced to take all legal steps required to address said illegal use of our intellectual property and copyright, and damages related to same.

I look forward to hearing from you on this matter at your earliest convenience.


Susan Taylor


And the response:



You have no legal ownership to assert here. you never paid the artists and as such they retained the ownership to their work. Work which I now have license to. Hearth Stone Miniatures LLC is now the sole owner of the reproduction rights and owner in fact of the sculptures in question. I hereby demand that you remove all images from your kickstarter campaign associated with my intellectual property and write a public apology to the backers (this includes me) for misleading them with material you cannot deliver on. I know legal demands will fall on deaf ears since you folks have utterly failed to provide a valid address for process service. I will not be cowed by any demands you make and would appreciate real and substantive disclosures from you regarding the nature of your business adressing the concerns made by the backers of your campaign.


Scott Maurer

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