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ADW Ice Age Miniatures Kickstarter


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So, I have no horse in this fight.


But I do have a question: do cc chargebacks actually reach a KS creator? The charges are made by KS/Amazon, aren't they? At which point ks sends a lump sum to the project? Obviously my understanding of the process is rudimentary at best, but it seems like a creator like ADW has many layers of protection for their funds.



I don't know how kickstarter/amazon works, but with eBay/Paypal if you get a chargeback the bank goes after paypal who then goes after the seller.  So rather than being protection, it might result in the creator getting an increasingly larger dog on their tail.  As a general rule, nobody likes eating the cost so it tends to work its way back to the source.  But, again, I do not know how applicable that is here.

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Well, I just found out that in addition to getting my money back from the KS, my bank refunded me an overdraft fee which I didn't realize was associated with it. Win!


I wonder if I can still report this though. It seems like I should, on behalf of the people who don't have a good bank. >.>

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Do it. As someone who's worked in consumer protection, the more people who contact the authorities the better. It establishes a pattern of behavior. It also affects things like proceeding to an investigation (though I've never been involved in that aspect of things).

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Someone posted Amazon's policy on this a bit ago, but it basically was "Amazon covers in the case of fraud (stolen card, bad charge whatever), but if you screwed up (return/non-delivery/whatever), we charge you"


Just to clarify: is "you" in the above example the creator or the backer? I read it as creator, but it all depends on context.

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