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ADW Ice Age Miniatures Kickstarter

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I GOT IT! I got my chargeback. It's not the end of the line for me - I still plan on dogging these guy's footsteps - but it's a real weight off my back as a broke college student to have this refunded

I just confirmed with my credit card that Kickstarter/Amazon/ADW did not dispute the back charge on my $155 pledged to the Ice Age Mammals project within the time provided for a merchant to do so, so

ladystorm has altered the thread.  Pray she does not alter it further.

You know, I'm starting to wonder: wouldn't a sensible fraudster have just taken the money and run by now, instead of trying to keep up appearances and presumably leaving a data trail an IT forensics expert could actually follow?

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You know, I'm starting to wonder: wouldn't a sensible fraudster have just taken the money and run by now, instead of trying to keep up appearances and presumably leaving a data trail an IT forensics expert could actually follow?

Con artists are not generally as competent or as cool as they are depicted in fiction. It is entirely possible to leave a trail of failed projects, unfulfilled customers, and livid suppliers by simply having unwarranted overconfidence about one's own capabilities.

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Kickstarter seems to encourage regular updates from their project creators. If anyone was wishing to start another kickstarter, it would be in their best interest to keep Kickstarter and other investigative bodies happy with regular updates, even if the content of those updates never led to the product being completed. 

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No. Looks like the creator(s) are noodling along, changing dates and things but not engaging. There is a small flow of unhappy comments.


The sculptor has announced she's gathering evidence about what happened, if people would like to send it her way. Details: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pinmini-Miniatures/1526883650884466?fref=nf

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November 28 in an update they said they delivered the sculpts (no further photos of) to the agent for a manufacturer in Asia. Also 'All other details and conditions remain the same since the lost update.'


The website just a splash page, that says a new website is coming soon. Previously it had said that website would be coming in November, now February.


It appears to be mixed success with chargebacks, even at this time.

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Never attribute to evil, malice, or bad intent... that which can be explained by simple stupidity.


Not everyone is evil, but we have ALL been stupid on occasion.

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