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ADW Ice Age Miniatures Kickstarter

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I GOT IT! I got my chargeback. It's not the end of the line for me - I still plan on dogging these guy's footsteps - but it's a real weight off my back as a broke college student to have this refunded

I just confirmed with my credit card that Kickstarter/Amazon/ADW did not dispute the back charge on my $155 pledged to the Ice Age Mammals project within the time provided for a merchant to do so, so

ladystorm has altered the thread.  Pray she does not alter it further.

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The $15 pledge here in an amazing deal. Currently 6 minis for that price; soon to be 7.


$15 gets you currently:


1 mini of your choice PLUS

Terror Bird #1 (Bullockornis)

Terror Bird #2 (Paraphysornis)

Terror Bird #3 (Dinos Gastornis)

Terror Bird #4 (Brontornis Burmeiseri)

Terror Bird #5 (Simurgh) – LOCKED

Cave Lion


They have a bunch of fun minis to choose from too, take a look! It's in the last 48 hours!




A cheat sheet for what you can get is at http://dorkistry.com/2014/06/23/ice-age-mammal-kickstarter-mini-analysis/

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I will say, though I had initial concerns that were overcome by my enthusiasm for therians, they've produced some quite nice sculpts, and they're apparently running this as a loss leader... I'm in for thirty, which I think is the sweet spot if you're nervous - your choice of three of the main 8, plus all 7 free stretch minis, plus any add-ons you want to get - so 10 sizable minis for 3$ each.

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This concerns me.  I feel like they must be riding very close to cost on this.  I'm not sure they will be able to fufill at that price.


I am still pledging because I love the models and really hope they get made.

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This concerns me.  I feel like they must be riding very close to cost on this.  I'm not sure they will be able to fufill at that price.




Got to agree with this - at $3 a pop for a large resin model, they are going to be losing money on each pledge, IMHO. I just hope they've planned for that, and have backup cash available.

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