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ADW Ice Age Miniatures Kickstarter

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I thought this thread got locked?

 See below... Or above (4th post in this thread)

[MOD] There was an existing thread for this Kickstarter that was heavily moderated and eventually locked due to some poor behavior.  I would review it first to see if any relevant information is there, first. And play very nicely here. [/MOD]

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I GOT IT! I got my chargeback. It's not the end of the line for me - I still plan on dogging these guy's footsteps - but it's a real weight off my back as a broke college student to have this refunded

I just confirmed with my credit card that Kickstarter/Amazon/ADW did not dispute the back charge on my $155 pledged to the Ice Age Mammals project within the time provided for a merchant to do so, so

ladystorm has altered the thread.  Pray she does not alter it further.


This concerns me.  I feel like they must be riding very close to cost on this.  I'm not sure they will be able to fufill at that price.




Got to agree with this - at $3 a pop for a large resin model, they are going to be losing money on each pledge, IMHO. I just hope they've planned for that, and have backup cash available.



They say they do.  They say their production company is funded conventionally.  So they may be just using kickstarter for marketing and taking a small loss in order to get the word out.

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Well, they say ... they have said some extraordinarlily odd things, if one reads their comment history. I wish their project and its backers the best of results.

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My perspective is pretty simple.  15 dollars is very little staked on this, I like their minis, lets see if they can put up.  I've taken so much bigger risks in my life and blown 15 bucks on way dumber things.

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About the pledge levels and freebies.

The answer was that this KS is more a marketing campaign for ADW.


And I should visit the TekCast site about spincasting and give them an email for more information about economics of same. (Which I will not do...) :-)


But I think as Dontfear, $15 are much less risk than other KS I made.

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Eh I'll go in for 30 and possibly up if they unlock a lot of stuff later on. Otherwise that's a pretty good deal on minis. Though if it doesn't fulfill not great loss.

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For me it was an important decision that Andrea Sfiligoi from Ganesha Games support this campain and will make rules for Doggerland.

That might seal the deal for me taking a chance on this one.
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I've plumped for the $125 pledge currently. Having said that, the difference in value (for me) between the $80 pledge and the $125 pledge is significantly in favour of the lower one, unless all the extra 'epic' goals unlock. So I'll be watching this one closely over the next day to the end and will see if I stick with where I'm at, or lower my pledge.


Perhaps what would have been better for them (and I was mentally willing it to happen over the last few days) is that they cap the $80 pledge to not get every single freebie, to encourage more backers to go to the next level up and help unlock the epic ones. But they have said they are making it a loss leader and just want the minis out there so I somewhat understand but still feel there's little incentive for me for the $125 over the $80.


I'm generally the sort of person who sticks with what I'd mentally committed to at the time of first pledging, so I may just accept the not-quite-as-awesome-value set of unlocked epic goal minis I do get, in favour of the tshirt which is also included and which I wasn't worried about for myself, but would look AWESOME on my little son (he'll be about 20months old around fulfilment time).

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We are so close to $12,500, which would unlock three epic stretch goals!  Scimitar toothed tiger, dire wolf and another big ice age mammal.

Edit: 12,500 reached!  And beyond that two more epic goal unlocked at $13,000.  And now closing in on more epic goals at $14,500 and 15,500.

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