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ADW Ice Age Miniatures Kickstarter

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Well, I upped my pledge to 125. Two of my sprogs are in for 15$ each, too - for a Doedicurus and a Uintatherium, respectively.


I accidentally a table, btw, for anyone who wants to compare pledge levels (it's not very clear on the page, since some stuff's been moved around.)




33 minis for 125$ is a good deal, IMO, and I've got some cash free from cashing in my IRA, so I'll take the risk. I <3 Uintatherium (although Embolotherium is another favorite, and one I was hoping to see; I like rhinos in general!) and Doedicurus is adorable... I've been wanting some nice beasties for my games, and I like the cutesy but still realistic look of these guys. Fingers crossed, everything works out as planned, and I get a big pile of resin to fiddle with (a bucket-list thing for me, since I haven't got any) and enough chocobos between me and the kids to field a small army!

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I GOT IT! I got my chargeback. It's not the end of the line for me - I still plan on dogging these guy's footsteps - but it's a real weight off my back as a broke college student to have this refunded

I just confirmed with my credit card that Kickstarter/Amazon/ADW did not dispute the back charge on my $155 pledged to the Ice Age Mammals project within the time provided for a merchant to do so, so

ladystorm has altered the thread.  Pray she does not alter it further.

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I'm waffling on this. I like a lot of the sculpts and the concepts quite a bit, and the freebies are very generous.


On the other hand some of the comments made by the project runners suggest a lack of familiarity with the industry as it currently exists. A few have seemed outright insulting of the industry as it currently exists. Strong critique of something you don't have much knowledge of seems imprudent. While I have no reason to doubt the claim that this arm of their business is a minor thing supported by a larger company, I cannot help but have concerns that it might not all shake out as smoothly as imagined. 

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Ok, I think I found the comment you meant. I do not know if there are more such comments in the other KS she made.

It is little weird what she wrote and even if I read the earlier comments from other backers, especially from Sable Fox, I cannot find a reason why she freaked out so much.


I find it also the FAQ little weird, especially the 'Is this a woman run KS?' answer.


I think there are still more men in the gaming mini world as woman, but I never saw issues in this forum or any other that women (sculptor, painter, gamer) are not welcome. There will be always antisocial nerds or rowdies who have problems with woman for different reasons. (I think not every nerd is (really) antisocial!!!!)


I was always happy to have woman in RGP and no problems with them as TT-Gamers.


Personally I think this Kickstarter Creator should not be so insulting in the comments, it is not professional.

I still hope there is only a big misunderstanding.


It will not stop me from backing, I do not need to like her (do not need to decide in the moment if I do), only the products she makes I need to like if they are good as the examples.

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There are too many red flags for me to back this, but I hope everyone gets the amazing deal that they pledge for.


I've backed too many failed KS (which still have my money) to want to risk my money (even a small amount) on one that is showing red flashing lights....

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They are currently sitting on just over $17 thousand pledged, with some new stretch goals coming for $20K.


The spreadsheet from Aard Rin shows the value spread:



I'm definitely happy with the $125 pledge level now!



I saw some elements of the earlier comments/concerns that caused the hesitation amongst members here, but I've tried to compartmentalise that as I wasn't directly involved and they have since updated their KS main page to be more informative. In the end it's up to everyone to choose their own level of risk, but recent comments from the creator that they have their own sculptors and casting equipment in house already and are running this KS as something of a loss leader ahead of a bigger project give me a level of comfort that my minis will arrive.

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Personally I think this Kickstarter Creator should not be so insulting in the comments, it is not professional.

I still hope there is only a big misunderstanding.


That's what's nagging me. Good ol' INTP profile.  :;):


I asked her in her previous campaign about a copy of the rules, and she said she wouldn't provide them because she thought someone would steal them, and she didn't know any other KS where the rules were provided to backers. Bwuh??? If you saw her previous KS, the page goes all over the place, including a comic book. I mean, if her team has *that* much experience, they'd at least develop a competent KS page. "The ADW Games' Doggerland Team is comprised of six 2D Artists, two 3D Designers, a Research Assistant, Writers, Copy Editors, Rendering Editor, Director of Merchandising and Brand Development, and an Operations Manager." However, I don't see sculpting or miniatures manufacturing experience there, nor an actual *company* that sells stuff. After Torn Armor, I'd like to see some of that. The GameZone HeroQuest 25th edition crowdfunding has also shown me that the behavior of a creator on a KS *does* reflect their actions during post-funding. 


Still, $15 isn't that much money. Unless, of course, you've bought $100 of OGLS stuff to reach free shipping, backed three $33 KS in the last week, and will back a $100 KS this weekend...  :upside:

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Most KS I backed gave the rules. Alpha or Beta versions, most often playable parts of it.


Mars Attacks,
Across the Dead Earth,
Dreadball Xtreme,
Pulp City: Supreme Edition,
Guild Ball,
Wrath of Kings,


I'm not a big testing guy for such rules, but I know many other backers do it and I prefer to read their comments before I'm absolutely sure if I'm still part of the KS.

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....and it just finished, funded at $21,709 with 239 backers.

The value went up significantly when the stretch goals started unlocking and spurring more backers (sound familiar ;) )

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Wooo! Just getting off that KS-end high...


I wound up in at 125$, with two pledges at 15$ for the kids I play with.


I'm going to get so many figures in September - I'm early bird with Reaper, too, so....


The paraceratherium is going to be so cool if it works out as big as they're saying....

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The various comments in the KS from the sculptors etc talking about already having various sculpts and doing test spin casts is encouraging, it means they aren't a completely new start up without that talent/equipment. One of the sculptors was also offering a $22k stretch goal of a mammoth mastodon that would be sculpted to put on their online store at his own expense. Another comment talked about putting together a box set of cryptozoology animals (chupacabra etc) if the pledges reached 20k, so will see if that hits their web site.


My crystal ball is on the fritz but I'm thinking that even if there were some delays for whatever reason, they will still fulfil. I'm visualising a bit of an artists' commune kind of setup with the different artists all creating side projects and bringing in their own passions to feed into the business. Time will tell I guess.

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I ended up at $125 for the double epic goals.  I did have concerns that they might have underestimated the cost of producing and shipping so many miniatures, but I took the gamble because I love those ice age mammals and these look like they will be nice sculpts, and so many for modest dollars.  If they run into trouble, I hope they'd deliver 50% of what is promised and it would still be a decent deal, as long as they don't disappear or delay years for delivery like some other KS projects have done.  The die is cast.  Now I hope all the red flags turn out to be inconsequential, and all of us backers get to celebrate with a big box of ice age mammal and terror birds this Fall.

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