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WoW Infernals

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So, back in this post, I mentioned I might paint another Earth Elemental, using the World of Warcraft Infernal as inspiration. Of course once I thought of it I couldn't resist, so I picked up another 77185, and painted it along with four miniatures from the WoW board game.


It didn't work out as easy as I thought it would. The original plan was to paint the model in lime green, and then just dry brush the stone color over top. The dry brushing covered up most of the lime green, so I went back over the cracks with more green paint. I then hit some of the crytals with white high-lights intending them to look like quartz, as the WoW infernals don't have any gems or crystals sticking out of them. I didn't like the result, so hit them with some green ink.




I then painted each of the board game miniatures the same way, but changed up the glowing color for the cracks to match the color of the plastic. The game differentiates the monsters based on color.





Here is a group shot to show the size difference.




So overall I'm happy with the result, and I think the Reaper mini will still work fine as an earth elemental. And it was a nice break from painting [REDACTED]. Maybe I'll get around to finishing her soon and post some pictures.

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I like what you have done with them. They could all  be used for internals or earth elementals.  I particularly like the one you painted red.

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I got tired of painting earth elementals a long time ago.

Posts like this rekindle my enthusiasm. Nicely done!

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Very nicely done. This brings back memories of summoning Infernals in the newbie area, and then letting them loose. 

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Looks really good. Reminds me of my old WOW days. Sometimes I miss playing that game but it gives me more time for other things. Like painting...lol

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    • By Brianuk
      Here is a trio of earth elementals/golems. Really simple to paint, Vallejo Israeli sand primer (taupe), then an umber wash, then a bit of a highlight with Army Painter Banshee Brown/beige. The tallest one is a golem from Hell Dorado. The middle chap is from Westwind "Dwarf Wars" and the smallest is old, unknown manufacturer. 
      The rocks for the base were made from foam clay pressed into a Woodland Scenics mould. Much lighter than plaster. Also I used brown foam clay so it was easy to paint. 

    • By Pingo
      These are two copies of the Reaper Bones Large Earth Elemental 77185, sculpted by Kevin Williams.
      I saw someone, I can’t recall who, paint up, it might have been one of these, like cooling lava which I thought was lovely, so I wanted to give it a try. I painted the lava version very quickly, in a few sessions: A layer of butter-yellow intensified with yellow glazing, then laying on pure black paint rather thickly, then some washes of Quinacridone Magenta and some fiddling with that and yellow on the gems.
      The rock version I painted v-e-r-y slowly, in many layers over time, often with whatever paint was left on my palette from other paintings. I’m not sure when I started it, but since I haven’t painted any minis at all for the last year, it’s been some time.
      I thought it interesting how very different a sculpt can look depending on how you paint it.











    • By PhantomAquarist
      Finished this a few days ago. One thing I have to say. I've looked at a lot of people's online before doing mine. And not to be rude but I don't like any of theirs. Nobody seemed to try and do a theme to the rocks that location wise made more sense for the fossilized dinosaur on its back. Lots of people made gems and all kinds of other things. You wouldn't find those things around fossil remains. So this was my attempt to have something more surreal and actually include the fossils better and since I collect museum quality fossils apart from painting minis. I've seen enough to try my hand at what it would look like more on an excavation site. :)

    • By Geoff Davis
      77185: Large Earth Elemental Kevin Williams
      This guy has been awaiting proper completion for about a year.  Every time I had grey paint left over, I added it to him.  I found him a struggle to complete because of his size and because of all the mold lines.  Every time I turned him around I found more that I missed when prepping him.  I finally gave up on trimming them and just gave him a proper base and a finished paint job.  It's still a speed paint, but at least he's done and ready for use in my D&D game. 
      Only 30 projects left on my shelf of shame!




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