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Mierce Mini Darklands KS


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We have a BIG surprise for you - we're launching a mini Kickstarter project TODAY, at 6pm!


We're not going to unveil much about this project in this announcement, to keep that surprise, but what we can tell you is that we'll be running it from 6pm (GMT) today, the 1st of July until 6pm Monday, the 14th of July - so that's two weeks' worth of Mierce awesomeness!

What's the goal?

We have set a initial goal of £5,000 for this project and we do hope to achieve that fairly early. To that end, one of the rewards will be an early bird, and there'll only be 125 of them available - so you'd better be quick and grab one; and you get £10 off the main reward for doing so.

There's only one reward (two if you count the early bird version), too; and that's set at£50 (so £40 for the early bird).

What's it all about?

You'll have to wait until 6pm!

All right, here's a few details. This little project is designed to fund some very cool miniatures indeed, some of which were seen by backers during our last Kickstarter project (Darklands: First Edition II), although they did not become stretch goals; and some miniatures that nobody has seen until now...

Broadly, we are hoping to produce one extremely fantastic miniature - that is being sculpted right now by the awesome Daniel Cockersell - and add a few more to the Darklands range.

Why now, not later?

It's very simple, really - if we wait until September to produce these miniatures (which is the date scheduled for our next big project), you'll be waiting until well into 2015 before we can use Dan Cockersell's skills. He's a very busy man, he had a window of opportunity for us and we took it - the downside being that his awesomeness comes at a high price, and we don't want to dip into funds reserved for other project miniatures.

As well as that, it's an opportunity to produce some more fantastic centrepiece miniatures, too - depending on you guys of course! - and is a bit of an experiment; if this project is nice and successful, we may well run a couple of mini-projects like it in 2015.

We shall see...!

Spread the word!

There's only a few hours to go before the project begins... eeek!

Tell your friends, acquaintances and relatives - we need their support as much as yours!

To whet your appetite, here's a concept of a miniature that may appear during the course of the next project... if there's enough interest ;o)


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Mierce KS are the toughest to sit on the sidelines. I'll just be over here openly weeping.

Its easy, just say no, and have a glass of your favorite Scotch. As long as you don't add ice.



As long as you aren't saying no to Scotch all is well.

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Its easy, just say no, and have a glass of your favorite Scotch. As long as you don't add ice.

I dunno about easy! And tight finances mean no scotch, either. I do have ice, though!



4th of July party here.  Plenty of Scotch to be drank.

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