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2014 Reaper League Fantasy Football


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OK early list on keepers in case I can't get to it before the keeper cutoff since my computer just died again;


Tony romo 1,

DeMarco Murray 1,

Alfred Morris 2,

Larry Fitzgerald 2,

Brandon Marshal 1,

Percy Harvin 1,

Danny Woodhead 1.


I hope to finalize this list before cutoff day but if not I am OK with it as is.

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Let's say that we TRY to have keepers in tonight, but Thursday is the HARD deadline. 


I'll update the first post in this thread to track everybody's reported keepers. I'll also send a message through ESPN to prompt those who don't follow the board and update everyone on what's reported after they're all in.

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Okay I'll keep the following:




Jamaal Charles

Zach Stacey


I think that's 9, was in my head when I went through it all :o)


Doubt I'll be at the draft, I'll set my team to auto-draft. Hope I get someone good.

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My keepers.


Tom Brady, NE QB (1)

Frank Gore, SF RB (2)

Donald Brown, SD RB (1)

Andre Ellington, Ari RB (1)

Eric Decker, NYJ WR (1)

Marvin Jones, Cin WR (1)

Michael Floyd, Ari WR (1)


Travis posted his keepers on the league forum, I'll copy here for everyone on the boards.


Peyton Manning, Den QB (2)
Marshawn Lynch, Sea RB (3)
Ryan Matthews, SD RB (1)
Andre Johnson, Hou WR (1)
Julius Thomas, Den TE (1)

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