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2014 Reaper League Fantasy Football


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Will have this up today!


Josh McCown, TB QB (1)
LeSean McCoy, Phi RB (4)
Rashad Jennings, NYG RB (1)
Giovani Bernard, Cin RB (1)
Cordarrelle Patterson, Min WR (1)
Randall Cobb, GB WR (1)

Total of 9 pts (+1 pt banked)

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I contacted Brian & he'll get his info to me when he can today.


Also just confirming noon eastern this Sunday for the Draft right? (Would make it 10 here.


Just confirming as Brian said 11 our time.


The first game is Thursday, September 4. I would like to propose a Draft Day of Sunday, August 31 at 11:00am Central Time. If we decide on that for the Draft Day, then we'll have a HARD keeper deadline of Thursday, August 28 11:59pm Central Time for Keeper Announcements.

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So far nothing from Brian bit last time we discussed this he said he may just eat the points for Rodgers, being a Cheesehead. Thou I'd wait officially from him. Being he is first (::P:) I kinda offered a bit of advice. Not that'll help of course.....


I thought it was 10 here but when he said 11, it kinda threw me. I should test the netbook tomorrow just in case I don't get the other computer up & running. I don't trust the current machine I'm on right now.

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My apologies for not posting yesterday.  I said I was going to, but I have been pretty much coming home from school, feeding kids, and collapsing.


Keepers:  (no points banked)

Drew Brees (4)

Eddie Lacy (1)

Russell Wilson (2)

Michael Crabtree (1)

Jordan Cameron (1)

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