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Weight Loss Support Thread

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5 hours ago, Morihalda said:

What! I can't believe it's been 2 years since I posted in this thread! My husband and I were able to afford Keto again, so we did that for about 4 months. We collectively lost over 50 pounds. I'm super proud of us! ^_^ My husband did the bulk of that - he's amazing.


I'm 10 pounds from my goal weight.  Since I'm not able to add much exercise to my weight loss program, my calorie intake is super important. I've actually been about 10 pounds away for about 2 months now, but man if I eat one potato I gain 3 pounds LOL. The last month I've been very laid back with it and decided that this summer will just be an exercise in maintaining my current weight while I work on strengthening my back.


We finally bought a Vive the other day and we plan on using it for exercise, not just gaming - he'll have a lot more fun exercising in video games. Some of the games can be really good workouts even while sitting down (helps his feet and my back)!

That's great! My mom is doing Keto - she's actually down to my size o.O. It's amazing. She isn't doing much exercise, either. So, you can do it! Keto does seem amazing, even if it isn't for everyone. 


5 hours ago, Silvervane said:

I'm doing the yo-yo exercise thing.  I start to exercise for a bout 2-3 weeks, then life hits me with something and bam I stop.  I actually quite annoying.  Glad to here of all the positive and sort of posiitve progress.  I'm plan to start again tonight.

For me, brain weasels like to stop me from exercising...I think they know it will poison them...


47 minutes ago, Boaz said:

Last time I lost weight I used a simple trick ... don't eat the last 3 bites of anything ... get some fast food ? Don't take the last 3 bits off that burger, don't have the last 3 sips off the soda, don't have the last 3 fries ...


 Basically don't eat till your full, eat till you not hungry! Don't stretch your stomach out with each meal let it shrink with each meal ... as well as get used to stopping food intake before your full ... this is hugely underrated,  I lost 6" off my belt line in 2 months just not over eating ... it might not work for everyone but it can't hurt.

Not overeating is a great way to lose weight! There are a couple of other good ways to limit overeating:

- Don't multitask. If you don't focus on the food, you don't tend to register how much you're eating. A good example of this is popcorn at the theater - have you ever reached into your popcorn, only to be surprised that it was empty? This is because you don't even notice you're eating, to a point, causing you to just habitually consume more.

- Use a smaller plate. When eating at home, use a salad plate instead of a dinner plate for your food. You may have to get up for seconds, but it makes you much more conscientious about how much you are eating.

- Eat slower. Your stomach takes a while to tell your brain it's full, due in part to the long process it takes to get to the stomach.

- Use multiple, small plates. This goes hand in hand with other three, making much of the advice easier to follow. In many Asian countries, a different small plate or dish is used for each part of a meal. This does several things. Firstly, it adds presentation value to the piece - haven't you noticed how much prettier things seem to be in restaurants when they bring out 5 plates for your main dish and your sides? This presentation brings your attention to the food in front of you. It also benefits from the smaller plate - it is clear how much you are eating, as the food isn't drowning in empty space on a large plate making it look like less. Finally, it does cause you to eat slower - causing you to feel full after having eaten less food.


These are some things you can do, if you don't want to feel bad about leaving food on your plate but still want to decrease your overeating. However, this can only be done at home - that three bite rule seems awesome for restaurants!

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OK, after some searching, the last time we did a weight loss support thread was over five years ago.  It didn't seem to make sense to threadomancy that since it is long out of date.  Anyway, I need to

/blows away the dust   So things have happened, jobs were gained and lost, houses moved into and new awesome jobs were gained. Diets failed and exercising failures but something happened.   My ne

welp.   I've done it.   I've lost 50 pounds. 22.7 kilos. All of the weight I gained while on meds for 7 years. It's gone. I'm back down to my college weight.   Not entire

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We've done keto on and off for about 5 years now - it just tends to get uh... a bit more expensive than ramen noodles haha. It is my absolute favorite way to eat while losing weight.


I played a few songs on Audioshield (like the old Audiosurf game in the early 2000s if any of y'all played it) this evening. Punching the air to music was enough exercise to automatically register on my fitbit as aerobic exercise! :lol: 

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I did Paleo a while, but I love pasta and baked potatoes too much to keep it up for 100%.

I just try to snack less, and be more aware of what I eat.


One trick, write down what you eat.

And every time you want something, first look at that list.

It will make you aware of how much you eat during a day.



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I'm still hanging out at my goal weight,  but things like pasta and ice cream continue to be a temptation.  I haven't bought a carton of ice cream in nearly a year, but I'm not entirely deprived of treats.  A couple companies make "minis", bite size ice cream bars or cones that make portion control easier.  Some are under 100 calories. 


Another trick, if you eat at restaurants where portions are huge, ask for a to-go box when they bring the food and immediately put half of it away for later.  Now you've removed both the pressure to 'finish your plate' and the ability to mindlessly stuff french fries into your mouth until you can't move. 


Snacks are the hardest. I could sit and eat mindlessly all evening, so I make myself portion out stuff into a little bowl and then put the package away. 


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2 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Is anyone familiar with intermittent fasting?


Like, eat your dinner at six and then start with breakfast no sooner than noon next day?


I've started to do it. My work schedule makes it easy to follow, and I usually can survive morning without food (but not without coffee). Harder on weekends if I'm home, because it's where the food is.


Though I had no scale for four months, so I had no practical way to monitor any sort of progress. Also, the summer heat makes me averse to being physically active (takes me forever to cool down), and ice cream is readily available.


Now that the temperature are getting back to normal, I have access to my scale, and soon my regular kitchen, and I joined a gym again. I'm expecting positive results.

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I'm thinking of trying this out.

I've read that doing this just one day a week and avoid junkfood the rest of the time can help lose weight and indeed has more health benefits.

It seems you have to start with one day a week and not overdo this right away.


Curious if others have tried it and how it feels.

@Cranky Dogif you have scale access please share if it helps.

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Fasting sounds like a good way to be hangry a lot, but a good way to control food intake. 


Not really weight as much as health, but I've been walking all over the damn place while apartment hunting and exploring... and catching Pokemon. Walking likely to continue a bit due to new lifestyle. I can feel the walking in my calves, thighs, and rump. Muscle!

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5 minutes ago, Cyradis said:

Fasting sounds like a good way to be hangry a lot, but a good way to control food intake. 


Not really weight as much as health, but I've been walking all over the damn place while apartment hunting and exploring... and catching Pokemon. Walking likely to continue a bit due to new lifestyle. I can feel the walking in my calves, thighs, and rump. Muscle!


It ain't that bad.

You eat dinner and let's say your last meal is around 19:00 hours.

Then you eat nothing, but can drink water, tea or coffee ( no sugar, no milk) and then eat breakfast no sooner then 7:00 next morning making it 12 hours.

If you want to do it more efficient, you skip that breakfast and eat lunch at noon.


I tried it yesterday/today.

I didn't feel hungry.

If done once a week and like this, and not eating a whole lot of junk food. It is supposed to make you lose a pound a week.

So I'm going in!




*** Should I fail and starve, remember me by eating a stroopwafel on this date each year....****

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Right, first day and the 0,3 is gone.

That could be coincidence or just water.

Whatever, I'm on 82 KG.


Now I will weigh again next weekend to see what happens.

The way I do it is as described I eat dinner and maybe a dessert.

Eating healthy and note when I take my last meal.


Suppose it is 19:00 hours then don't eat again until at least 12 hours has passed, preferably 16 hours.

Since you're asleep for a big part of this period it isn't that hard.


It has been advised to do this one or two days a week when you start.

There are different schedules possible but this seems to be the friendliest schedule.


People who done this say you lose 500 grams to 750 grams a week this week.

So that could mean like 2 kg a month would be reasonable.


I will keep you posted about progress and if it works or not.


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I’ve been working out for the past months, 3 days a week, started with body weight and moved up to free weights.

havent lost any weight but I feel better, I’m getting muscles and my clothes fit better.


behold my muscle!


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As you get used to free weight exercise you can work that up to every day for best benefit if you're looking to use it to get fit/tone.  It would wreck muscle gains if that was the goal, that's why bodybuilders generally don't.  But for the more aerobic or weight loss benefits, every day works pretty good because once you hit a resistance level and stay there you're basically just using the exercise to burn energy, and nothing burns energy like free weights.  This is useful for anyone who would like to lose weight and gain stamina without getting too ripply looking. 

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