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Weight Loss Support Thread

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Boyfriend is sad about holiday weight. Our D&D cleric made sad faces about his pants getting tight.

I started dragging them to the gym... on top of training sessions. So 2x/week with trainer doing hard weights, 2x/week doing mixed weights and cardio with the cleric and Sir Cyr. Oof.


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OK, after some searching, the last time we did a weight loss support thread was over five years ago.  It didn't seem to make sense to threadomancy that since it is long out of date.  Anyway, I need to

/blows away the dust   So things have happened, jobs were gained and lost, houses moved into and new awesome jobs were gained. Diets failed and exercising failures but something happened.   My ne

welp.   I've done it.   I've lost 50 pounds. 22.7 kilos. All of the weight I gained while on meds for 7 years. It's gone. I'm back down to my college weight.   Not entire

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I was recently told that when it comes to food, you can either listen to your brain or your stomach:


Brain: “A chili cheese dog would be absolutely fire. And definitely some almond M&Ms.”


Tummy: “Honestly you can fill me with lawn trimmings for all I care. I just need to be full.”

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This morning I was at 86.9kg/191.6lb (top weight was 114.4kg/252.2lb). According to BMI calculators (with all the known caveats), I am officially overweight and not obese anymore!


The past several weeks have been surprisingly effective. Despite the quarantine conditions; being mostly stuck at home; gym closed; inclement weather (still plenty of snow) so not outside much; I have lost a noticeable amount of weight without much effort.


Somehow, my current routine is working surprisingly well for me (YMMV).

  • 8-16 intermittent fasting (normal eating between noon and 8pm). I'm already not that hungry in the morning, so I just push it a bit more.
  • Strong moka pot coffee. I find that strong coffee the morning hunger quite bearable. To the point that I often find myself eating later than noon without second thoughts.
  • Low carb diet. Likely also a big influence. I still eat a variety of veggies (often much lower in carbs than fruits). And in the past several weeks I was curious to try a variety of melons (Santa Claus melon, Canary melon, both similar to honeydew). Turns out, like watermelon, they're pretty naturally low carb.
  • Only regular snack foods are roasted peanuts, sliced meat, pork rinds, aged cheese (low carb, good protein content). Not crazy about the salt content and preservatives, but they satisfy the cravings.
  • Plenty of home cooking. Home made soup. Home baked chicken. Kimchi and sauerkraut are nearly staple foods for me now. I know what goes in, and know how little sugar gets used.
  • When possible, a walk outside. If I go around the central town hub, it's about a 20-25 minutes walk, and often finish with the post office.

I don't know how long it will last. But the rest of the body feels quite healthy, so I'll enjoy it for now.


P.S. I *do* miss eating junk food, bread, rice, potatoes, etc. regularly.

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21 minutes ago, Inarah said:


I think I found it.  I have several that just showed up here, one of them may be yours. :) 



Very kind of you, but I don't need it back, do with it what you will ::P:

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I am down just over 13 kilos since January. I'm down 29 pounds. I am now 83 kilos/183 pounds. 


After emergency surgery I went off my diet because food restrictions and healing don't usually mix. I went right back on a week later after I asked my doctor. I asked when I could go back onto dieting, thinking he'd say 3 months, 6 months, something like that. I told him I'd been on keto and his exact words were "Oh, right now". His professional opinion was that the increased protein intake was exactly what I needed at that moment. He was right, I'm now cleared for going back to normal life.


The problem is my anorexia is kicking in. I don't mean the socially acceptable term of not eating until you turn into a skeleton, I mean the actual mental health disorder where real dysphoria causes your brain to decide what the mirror looks like before you see it. I don't see a physical difference between before and now. In my own disordered brain I look and feel exactly as fat as I was before. I'm wearing smaller clothes, I went from size 16 being too tight to fishing the size 12 out of the closet. My partner is telling me how much smaller around I am and backing it up with hugs. But I don't see the difference and I worry I won't until and unless I go too far.


I'm lifting weights in order to try and hack my own delusion. If I can look down and see big buff arms but the mirror shows flabby fat arms then I can prove to myself the mirror is wrong and my brain needs to sit down and shut up.

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I reached another milestone this week. The 80kg mark has been reached and bested!


This is notable because it's what I remember weighing when I was a 16 years old, and I was barely starting my adolescent growth spurt. So I'm actually thinner than in my youth.


I'm now at 6-7kg (~15 lbs) to reaching my target weight of 72.6 kg (160lbs) where BMI charts say I'm no longer overweight.

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I am down to 80kg. I am plateaued at 80kg. I have been plateaued at 80kg for the past three months :angry:


On the other hand, this means I successfully shed 16kg and kept it off :B):


I never managed to hit my target weight loss of 21kg. I imagine the stress of work and plague and organ removal hasn't helped much.


I'm eating more vegetables now than I ever did when I ate an unrestricted diet. My blood pressure went down another ten points vs before and is now firmly in the 'normal' range. The Red Cross loves it when I show up because my iron is well above normal now which means I'm always good for a pint or three.

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I keep thinking about where I would be if I could have gotten my stuff together at the beginning of the pandemic.  But you can't let those couldas, wouldas, shouldas, run your thinking.  But, having said that, back on the horse! 


Seriously, the way I keep jumping off and then back on that horse, the animal rights people are gonna come after me....


Monday was a failure (the thought of what Mrs. Strawhat had planned for dinner just made me...:down:).  Then I crashed out about 10pm...that's three hours earlier than usual.  I think I'm just going to call Monday, "not a good day" and leave it at that.


Tuesday went well enough.


Wednesday was filled with carb-withdrawal crabbiness.  Man, I was ready to bite the head off of anyone who so much as looked at me cross-eyed.


Today was better.  Although I think I had a few too many carbs I kept it "less bad" by choosing cashews over every other thing (the machine is loaded with sugar and other carbs) in the vending machine, and dinner was filled with onions and bell peppers.  And salsa.  Luckily my favorite salsa isn't horrible on the carbs.


I already know Saturday won't be good...It's granddaughter's birthday party with us.


I think there's something about the change in the weather that makes cutting the carbs a little easier.  The last time I had success,  from winter '13 to summer '14, I had a pretty easy time of it, and lost 8"-9" off my waist.  I want to do better this time.

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1 hour ago, Cranky Dog said:

Hang in there.


Keto/low carb diets do work, but it's a slow process. And it's a frustrating one when snack availability or birthday parties are involved.




They do work, it can just be tough to get going. Especially if you're not used to the type of diet.


Also I finally got off my plateau. I am now down 19 kilos. Since I am nearing my goal I need to consider what to do next. Partner wants me to stay keto and is willing to fight me for it. I've been keto this whole plague and have handled the stress of a global pandemic much better than basically anyone we know, eating keto keeps my migraines down, I have the energy to write and work, and I'm generally eating better.


That and I have discovered, if you stay keto long enough you may lose the ability to digest carbs. Those are hilariously uncomfortable days :blink:


So... considering if I'm going to transition off of the diet and if so, how. Or if I'm going to generally stay keto but occasionally have those evil days where I decide I'm gonna eat badly and regret it later. Like drinking but with cake :B):

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On 8/8/2020 at 1:55 PM, NebulousMissy said:

The Red Cross loves it when I show up because my iron is well above normal now which means I'm always good for a pint or three.

Do they actually take as much :blink: as three?

(Blood banks around here only pull out one 450ml bag unless you do Apherisis — Double Reds, but they give back everything that is not a red cell in that procedure.)

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