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Weight Loss Support Thread

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Guys, I have been professionally engaged in weightlifting for several years now, and therefore, for me, the set of muscle mass, as well as, in principle, mass is very important. I am very proud of those people who set a goal to lose weight and go towards it no matter what. You are great! I am currently training hard to improve my deadlift performance. The deadlift training program helps me to do this, which is aimed at strengthening the back muscles and increasing strength so that the indicators in the deadlift increase significantly. This training program will only last 12 weeks. At the moment, I am already at the stage of special preparation (week 7). I have significantly increased the intensity of work, and also an emphasis on working with a lower amplitude in the deadlift, which allows you to lift heavier weights.

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OK, after some searching, the last time we did a weight loss support thread was over five years ago.  It didn't seem to make sense to threadomancy that since it is long out of date.  Anyway, I need to

/blows away the dust   So things have happened, jobs were gained and lost, houses moved into and new awesome jobs were gained. Diets failed and exercising failures but something happened.   My ne

welp.   I've done it.   I've lost 50 pounds. 22.7 kilos. All of the weight I gained while on meds for 7 years. It's gone. I'm back down to my college weight.   Not entire

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I was just thinking about this the other day, too.


Ma Strawhat's passing, job stress, household issues, etc. have completely derailed my diet.  I think I've still been losing a little, or at least holding my own, but that's more the amount of stress I've been under.  That isn't a good trade-off.


The "good" (not "bad," at least) news is that I'm raiding the vending machines in the lunch room "less."  For months those lazy sons-a-guns wouldn't fill their machine for anything.  Now they're in to fill once a couple items sell out.  I don't have that much willpower!

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