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OK, after some searching, the last time we did a weight loss support thread was over five years ago.  It didn't seem to make sense to threadomancy that since it is long out of date.  Anyway, I need to

/blows away the dust   So things have happened, jobs were gained and lost, houses moved into and new awesome jobs were gained. Diets failed and exercising failures but something happened.   My ne

welp.   I've done it.   I've lost 50 pounds. 22.7 kilos. All of the weight I gained while on meds for 7 years. It's gone. I'm back down to my college weight.   Not entire

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Has anybody tried the 5 / 2 starvation diet? Something about two days per week you eat nearly nothing. The two days are never  consecutive...


I tend to eat this way anyways @[email protected] Doesn't work. rofl 


I endured a form of starvation diet about two years ago that did work extremely well. It was involuntary and it chose me; I did not chose it.


I lost around 100 pounds. :wacko: Without trying.


Then a surgeon fixed the problem. :bday: 


Then those lost pounds,... got found again. :down:


I learned some things from that incident:  a)  I don't really suffer much from lack of food;  b)  I am very difficult to kill by starvation; c) I am lactose intolerant;  d) The inside diameter of the small intestine (in a human) needs to exceed the outside diameter of a wooden pencil. (Sadly for me, mine did not.)

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There's a guy at work who follows the 5/2 diet and seems to be doing ok on it. He's not got a lot of weight to lose though and it's more maintaining his current level so I don't know how effective it is for a higher weight loss goal. I think his aim was a couple of stone.

It seemed like a lot to go through at first on the starvation days but I guess it's something you get used to.

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Here goes (scary numbers)


Start date: 02/07/14 (I'm actually already started but I've just put down todays date)


Height: 4' 11"


Age: 32


Gender: female


Goal Weight: 70kg (scary scary)


Intermediate goal Weight: 100kg


Initial Weight: 119kg (even more scary number)


Current Weight: 116.9kg




5.3kg down before starting here....


07/07/14: 118kg

09/07/14: 117.4kg (official weight watchers weigh in)

24/07/14: 116.9kg (official weight watchers weigh in)

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I am not a big fan of starvation diets and/or extreme fasting, but I also get headaches & nausea if I skip meals.  I have a friend who tried doing a juice fast during the day with one meal at supper, turns out she has fructose malabsorbtion so she got very, very sick and gained weight on top of it all. 


Or in other words, it's important to learn what your body needs and what it can't handle before trying any sort of extreme dietary change. 

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I am going to track my progress via MyFitnessPal and will post landmarks here.


So:  before and after pictures?  any interest in starting a shared spreadsheet we can track progress with?


How would that work (the sharing, not the spreadsheet).




5/2 diet and other such things: Please be careful with diets like this.  They put a lot of stress on your body, especially your heart.  I have a genetic heart arrhythmia that is finally fully in remission after 15 years and 4 surgeries.  One thing I cannot do is fast, because it can trigger all sorts of bad things in my heart.  So, before you try a diet like this, make sure your heart and other systems are in good enough shape to handle the stress of the fasting and the irregular schedule.  




How awesome would it be if we all walk into ReaperCon next year and barely recognize each other because everyone is lean and trim?  :lol:

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The 5:2 diet is basically you skip breakfast and lunch twice a week. I tried it for a few months, lost some weight and then plataued but gave up it because I couldn't function in the afternoons and pretty much immediately gained it all back immediately. I really think getting your activity level up, cutting out problem foods (sugary stuff that messes with your metabolism) while slowly reining in your calorie intake is the easiest and best way to sustainably lose weight.  The kinds of diets required to keep losing weight without increasing activity levels just aren't worth it.


For those who are struggling with a lot of excess weight, walking is a great start and can get the ball rolling. But as you lose more weight, you're going to have to keep bumping up the activity level to keep shedding pounds and there's just no way to get in enough activity just by walking unless you're spending 12 hours a day hiking the Appalachian trail. Biking and swimming are great ways to get in some higher intensity exercise without too much stress on the body.

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I am not a big fan of starvation diets and/or extreme fasting, but I also get headaches & nausea if I skip meals. 


I get a little rumbling feeling maybe an hour after the skipped meal---it goes away in a few minutes. Then I get a stronger stomach growl / rumble around the time of the second skipped meal. This too goes away after a bit.


Finally, after maybe 22 hours no food, a steady "you-are-hungry-you-fool" signal is emitted. No headaches or nausea.


Clearly (and literally) my mileage varies. :upside:


I have sort of wondered about a don't eat until hungry diet. All the literature says this is bad, but if I graze regularly, I gain, and that is worse.

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I have sort of wondered about a don't eat until hungry diet. All the literature says this is bad, but if I graze regularly, I gain, and that is worse.

Constant grazing is definitely not a good way to go. And I know there is a lot of variation in peoples tolerance for skipping meals. Mine is pretty low.  I try to have a smallish breakfast, largish lunch and the smallest dinner I can eat without still feeling hungry (I can't fall asleep when hungry), with as little between meal snacking as I can manage. Coffee, Tea and lots of water all help cut down between meal cravings.


If I followed a don't eat until hungry diet, I'd be spacing my meals about an hour apart. 30 minutes if I had Chinese food.

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I very rarely have breakfast. During the week I don't eat until lunch at about half 12, on weekend I have a cooked breakfast but not until about half ten after I've been up for a couple of hours. I just can't stomach food as soon as I'm up.

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The "science" behind the 5/2 diet is that your cells switch from "reproductive" mode to "regenerative" mode. There is a great episode on BBC horizon about this (see below) (also, don't follow if you have certain health issues). My wife follows it because it gives her more energy, my brother follows it for the blood markers.



I stuck to this diet for 5 weeks, during which time I lost nearly a stone and my blood markers, like IGF-1, glucose and cholesterol, improved. If I can sustain that, it will greatly reduce my risk of contracting age-related diseases like cancer and diabetes.

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Got around to weighing myself today, I've lost 5 more lbs since I last weighed myself.....a month ago. So that makes me 25lbs less than my initial weight since Reaper con. Wewt.

Dieting in the Melons house is tough. The Mr's job makes him burn a lot of calories so he needs his carbohydrates. Doing the keto diet again will be tough. @[email protected]

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Well I'm at the point in my life where if I don't seriously start losing weight and adopting even a moderately healthy lifestyle I won't be here in a few more years. I've decided that a world without me is an unacceptable hardship to inflict on the rest of you so I'm in. :)


Start date: July 2/14




Height: 5'9"



Age: 44




Gender: male




Final Goal Weight: 81kg



1 Year Goal: 125kg



Initial Weight: 154kg




Progress: None yet but I did log my food for today into an app I got! So far I'm 500 calories over what I should be eating :(


81kg was my weight when I started Grade 11 after I changed high schools at age 16 when my parents finally moved back into the city - I had been on weight watchers for over a year at this point and had dropped from 111kg to 81kg - having massive support from my family helped a great deal - even my brother didn't tease me when I would have tiny portions and lots of water & veggies.


My current weight is only an approximation as we don't have a scale currently but that was my weight last September at the doctor's office - it hadn't changed in over 18 months and I certainly don't feel slimmer or anything.


While I'm just starting my wife has been working out for nearly a year and is looking pretty damned fine right now - that is a huge inspiration for me (and besides I hate looking even more like at fat, disgusting troll beside her than I normally do!!)


edit - fixed typo on initial weight and added a 1 year goal!

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