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Hi all,

I am new to this forum and I recently started sculpting 15mm gnomes.

Let me know what you think.







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Really well done but the photo is a tad blurry. Love the leaf-shaped blade the gnome has - excellent design decision! Is that a boar he is riding?

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Yes it is. I have few more gnomes sculpts in progress. I will post pictures once i figure out how to upload them from my desktop.

thanks for your encouragements.

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Most excellent. It would be helpful to include something in the pic for a size reference.  Looking forward to seeing all your stuff.  :)

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Hello everyone,

Started Gnome goat herder and big foot (gnome's helper/ friend) last night. Hopefully I will complete these over the weekend.

thanks for viewing.



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My one suggestion for Bigfoot.


Looking at your photo, it would appear his hands are much bigger than his feet. Considering his name, I would do something about that. <_<

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