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CashWiley removed the frontal due to nudity (still in my mind an incredibly silly policy, considering how many nudes Reaper sells, but okay).


Perhaps Cash can link the frontal pics, since it occurs to me that the OP may not realize this has happened?

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[mod]I removed the attached photos due to clearly visible nipples. Yes, Reaper sells topless minis; no that doesn't alter the acceptable content rules of the forum. I can change the images to links if you host off-site, but if you attach them to the post I cannot and delete them. I do highly recommend linking them, they were great!


I normally write this in a PM, but after the board change a while back, Patrick's umlauted o shows up as an invalid character so I can't PM him. But it's a good reminder for everyone to read over the forum Guidelines and Suggestions:


Acceptable Content


Remember, this is a family forum and to keep it such, please think about what you post. If your mini/sketch/picture has nudity please do not post the picture, instead provide a link to the picture and plenty of warning to the viewer. We will remove your images if you fail to comply with this. Additionally, censoring your images with black out strips (or any other option) isn't allowed, they must be linked.

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Could we instead of removing the photo, turn it into a link or is that not a possibility?


--- edit ---

Went and google image "Lenore from Hasslefree Miniatures". I saw the thumbnail version of it. I see...

Edited by pcktlnt
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the figure still appears in Patrik's WIP thread.

[MOD]thank you for pointing out it was cross posted. That has been rectified.


Our decision stands. The image violated our policy, and has been removed. If the OP choses to post it as a link, it can be shared again. Further discussion in thread on the matter will be culled.[/MOD]

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Woops! I didn't realise that the pictures violated the forum rules. Sorry for that. I've reposted the two missing pictures with links.


I also noticed that I've got a functioning user name again. Thanks! :)

Edited by Patrik Strom
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