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3667, Nonnalla Ellinad, Elf Wizard

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I don't often buy miniatures right when they're released, but this one I did.  Your painting of it definitely highlights what a wonderful sculpt it is.  Thanks for sharing the other pictures!!  ^_^

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How did you do the base?


The piece of stonework poking out of the ground was made using a rubber stamp with a scroll work pattern on either Apoxie Sculpt or Milliput (or possibly a pre-mixed paper mache product I got in the art store some years back). I glued that down at an angle, and then built up more Apoxie Sculpt around it. That was textured with a piece of tree bark and/or a real stone. I prefer Apoxie Sculpt (or Milliput) over Green Stuff for basing because it's not as sticky, and it can be thinned with water to get a perfect join to a part of the mini if necessary. Also it dries very hard, so it's easy to sand, cut or etch it with allows for further options like carving cracks into stone and such.


When I painted the base, I incorporated colours used on the figure, in particular some of the skin tones, and the dark reds and Blue Liner in the depressions.

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Milliput and MagicSculpt also have similar properties, in the event that you can more easily find one locally or for a better price. Milliput is my least favourite of the three because it has a more pronounced chemical smell, but it's a fairly minor thing. That one I have found locally in HobbyTown and Hobby Lobby. My HobbyTown has had Apoxie Sculpt on sale occasionally. There are also other products by the same company that are not the same. I bought Fixit putty one time when they were out of the other, and my experience is that it is not a good fit to our hobby purposes.

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