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THE SORCERESS AND THE WORM   The woman stood in the arid desert, her living book held in her hand and she read the arcane words from within. Her eyes glowing blue, she scanned the pages more intentl

This is all sorts of fun and awesome. I love how in some pics it looks like she's totally unaware that there's a large hungry beastie behind her. Your name is a killing word my friend!

I haven't been around in months I believe and this work shows how much technique you've grabbed hold of in that time. Your highlights are spot on as are your blends. The OSL is well executed and those

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The text on the book came out really well.  There are several blue spots hidden in the piece that I enjoy too.  I'm sure your Exchange partner will be very pleased! ^_^


Thanks! I had to practice like 7-8 times on a piece of paper to get the consistency down right for the paint and see how I wanted to paint the script without it coming out garbled. I hope that my partner will like it and yep a few hidden details that I tried to put into it.


That's really cool! ^.^


Thank you!

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Super cool!  Great idea and execution.




^_^ Thanks!


It's really wonderful! :wub:

How did you do the texture on the base?


Appreciate it!


The texture on the base is Course Pumice Gel from Golden. I layered it on twice to build it up in a few spots, then just primed it up with reaper brush on primer and then painted it afterwards.

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It dries rock hard too, just let it dry overnight and you are good to go. Oh, and make sure to use an old crappy brush to prime/paint as it will tear it up real bad because of how coarse it is.

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 (You totally should have painted up her clothes as a Fremen skinsuit, lol)


I actually REALLY thought about it and looked them up extensively, but in the end it was too monotone with the worm and the base so I wanted her to stand out on her own with some brighter colors and I wanted to allow the person who receives her to be able to use her as a PC if they wanted without it being totally Dune.

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