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Sorceress & Worm WIP Pics

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FiguresNonalla Ellinad / Great Worm

Manufacturer: Reaper for both

SKU #'s03667 / 77006

Materials: Pewter / Bones Plastic

SculptorsBob Ridolfi / Michael Brower

Show Off Thread: Located Here.


Here are the WIP pics of the Sorceress and the Worm that I did for my Summer 2014 Figure Exchange Partner - Last Knight


This is going to be super picture heavy as I just upload all the pics I have in 2 posts to break it up a little bit.






























Edited to add 4 new pictures at the front of the WIP! Found these earlier and forgot to post them up.

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That is as yummy as a watermelon fresh from the fridge on a 100 degree day !


Beautifully done Ub3r  !!!!

you mean like today feels!   77 degree on the scale + 40% humidty.. feels like....I'm mellting!   (from your nothern neighbors up here in eastern canada)

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I love the idea of having a large base with the individual minis being removable. My only question is about her eyes... Are they blue from a spell effect, or is this some sort of Dune scene?



In Dune, the "spice" gives the people glowing blue eyes.


It could also be that she's channeling ancient arcane energies and the power lights up her eyes.


So I leave the interpretation up to whatever you like best as a viewer. :)

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