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60129: Chelaxian Infernal Binder

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Really dig the binder, she's just wonderful... skin tones, cloth highlights/shading/freehand all excellent, basing is great, and hair is spot on.


My only critique is the fire figure (flaming sphere), looks a bit too dark... too much red not enough of the other lighter colors for me. Just personal preference though, it still looks good.

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Nice work, I love the palette you used on her. This could turn out to be another of those really versatile models, I've seen her painted radically differently many times already!

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VERY NICELY DONE! You have a FINE eye for colors & a WONDERFULLY appealing style; AND your bases finish off the pieces SPLENDIDLY!

My Evil Camera does terrible things to the colors also. It's partly the lighting, but mostly its due to the Camera hating moi...at least it, The Camera that is, shows good taste in people.

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The freehand is mainly to illustrate the fact that the character is a worshipper of Calistria, whose colors are yellow and black. So I tried to work that into the clothing a bit.

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