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77148: Mangu Timur Bones 1

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Progress on my enormous pile of Bonesium.


Steel: "Primed" in blue liner, drybrushed up with Honed Steel, then a light drybrush of Vallejo Metallic Medium. Washed with Blue Liner - Les Wash Base, drybrushed a little more, very quick rough lining with Blue Liner. Polished Silver applied very lightly, a tiny bit of Surf Aqua mixed into VMM to do one or two spot highlights. Vallejo Smoke added to some shadows to warm them up, only a couple up high, thinned as a wash over his boots. This gives a blued steel that moves from cool to warm, none of which you can see in the photo, but IMO it gives a fast job a lot more life.


Also, Drybrush was done so as to light from Up and Above the Shield. For highlight passes this was just a directional flick, when it needed a bit more coverage I gave more passes at the light source, less away. Final highlight drybrushes were only given where this directional lighting held, plus a tiny bit against this rule for ambient lighting and to maintain colour consistency. By starting with a simple rule in mind, again, I got a lot more looks for very little work. Best seen on the shield.


This was really quick, since that above process covered all and 99% finished the model. Army Painter Greedy Gold dabbed onto raised gold surfaces, much more carefully on the shield to get  a smooth finish. New Gold used to highlight. A little wet blending between the two, then LWB / Vallejo Smoke to shade sword and shield "steel" and all the gold.


Surf Aqua and Marine Teal dabbed on, then shaded with Blue Liner, then dabbed a little, drybrushed a little, tiny bit of wet blend to smooth the transitions on his cloak / surcoat / pretty dress.


Moth Green shakily dabbed into visor and, thinned, around visor for GLOWING MASK OF EVIL.





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So easy to paint this guy. I'm still slogging through my backlog of Olley Orcs, which are a lot more work. That's before I paint half of an Orcpocalypse...

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I like it. I am trying to paint my way through Bones goblins and kobolds. So tiny...

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The Kobolds aren't too bad if you go for a dark scheme. I based them in dark brown and basically wettish-dryish-brushed them up to dark red; there's an awful lot you can get away with because they're so small... edit to add: that said,  have more to paint and I kinda start to sweat every time I think about it too hard...

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      And she got the mini today and loved it!

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