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Some rank & file paints using TAP

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Still enjoying the Mega Paint set I  picked up. Here are some recent efforts. The Space Marines were mostly for fun, and the beastman has been languishing a while, so I felt like I should do something about him. The night goblins are part of the Skull Pass set I'm trying to mine for more greenskin goodness.


The images are a bit large, so I'm posting a link to the blog post that contains them.



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I like how he is in bright color versus the expected dark hues.

I was going for "incorporeal glowy-ness." Didn't quite work out. Ah well, onwards and upwards!

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Here's a Bones gnoll I slapped together. It would have been a faster paint job, but I think the bones resin didn't like the water from my wet palette. It took a couple coats to get things covered. I wasn't totally happy with TAP's "Monster Brown" so I used VGC Beasty Brown for the fur's basecoat. 


I'm digging the Bones gnoll & bugbear sculpts. I'm one mini away from finishing the HeroQuest project (gargoyle). Once those are done, I want to make more inroads on these Bones figures. 



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