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Ral Partha Orc (Legion of Death?) & Dwarf Clansman (Marauder/Citadel)

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Been working a little. First up, my first (!) orc:







Thought we had him identified as a Gladiator from Ral Partha's Legion Of Death set, but I've since come to think that may not be quite right. Does appear to fit with that set. I'unno. If anyone has further ID'ing info, much appreesh.


Is that an okay green? For an orc? Serious question.






A Dwarf Clansman that I guess Marauder put out through Citadel. Or something like that. I kind of love this sculpt, in its simplicity. Shield's been swapped out for a plastic replacement, I guess. I thought about trying to free-hand something on it but chickened out. Totally can't draw. Base was in poor shape and I haven't decided what to do with it, yet. May try some fake gravel (I've learned I hate the grass flock, but anyway)


Any feedback and advice is extremely appreciated.

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I personally paint my "greenskins" with less bright skin tones, but I love seeing a good bright green orc! Looks pretty great if you ask me.


Don't fear the freehand! I started with really simple geometric shapes, stripes, and the like. A good place to start for visual interest on shields, cloaks, and other broad featureless surface is heraldic divisions.


I'm about to lay down some vocab; sorry for the pedantry.


Dividing a shield per pale is the easiest thing ever, and lends some good visual interest. Then work through a division per bend, then chevronny...eventually work your way up to complicated straight lines with chequy and gyronny, and also complicated wavy lines with nebuly. By the time you can do multiple divisions on a single shield, a starburst or even fleur-de-lis won't be nuthin' but a thang.


The basic point of all that heraldic gibberish is this: simple divisions that put multiple colors together will serve the same visual purpose as most freehand, which is to break up a big surface. Start simple to learn the brush control, and you'll find its a pretty awesome way to up your game without too much difficulty.


An added bonus to simple divisions is that they look great on a mini even without any fancy layering, blending or whatnot, so you can start working on freehand even before you've mastered some of those things.


Regardless, I like the dwarf a bunch. He's nice and clean, no stray paint blobs. He'd be welcome.in my dwarfholds any time!

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Don't fear the freehand! I started with really simple geometric shapes, stripes, and the like. A good place to start for visual interest on shields, cloaks, and other broad featureless surface is heraldic divisions.


A simple quartering of the shield with one bright and one darker color (Yellow and Blue, maybe?). Would do very nicely. 

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Thanks, everybody. I may try something with the shield, though, honestly, I'm not sure I'm even up for a simple freehand job of colors. We'll see! I'm looking at simple divisions and will probably go that route, if any, and if I can settle on colors that won't muck the whole things up. I'm guessing black will be one of them. Especialy since it's black already.



Okay, hopefully this is big enough copied out of the 1995 catalog


That's it (obviously)! Thank you! I guess we had the number on him wrong before. I found the gladiators under that previous number and realized it wasn't right, but this is the for-sure. Thanks again, so much.


(By the by, there was a very similar All-American sculpt I was able to confirm via a catalogue scan, posed nearly the same but with a different shield at least.)


Thanks again for all the great input, y'all.

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