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Well since I started taking pictures during the 24 hour paint event, I thought I would go forward with a work in progress and show my steps towards completing this experiment  The objective here is to produce a dragon that looks like its cooling on the outside and slowly going to a dark red or grey while the core of the dragon is bright molten yellow and orange.  the concept is from the base of my geiger deep dragon.  


Those of you who were involved or have seen these pictures in the 24 hour painting thread, can skip the first three pics as they are reposts.


First basecoat is Minis paint Beacon Orange.  Pretty much the brightest orange I have with staying power.  The Dragon Went together well and the only part that really needed pinning was the tail.  Only green stuff was around the joints to fill in the cracks.




next step was color to the wings as a final "cold color for the dragon:  Reapers Carnage red.  Plan for the wings is to bleed the orange to the inside edges and Rainy gray to the outside edge




next is yellow washes This is following 2 washes of Reapers Lemon yellow, followed by two washes of Citidels yellow wash Cassandora Yellow.  Also painted the belly plates and armor plates rainy grey and washed them with the citadel yellow as well.





next step is probably 2 or three more layers of yellow and then I will start working up the red spectrum.


Comments, suggestions, critiques and "your doing is wrong"  replies are welcome. :)

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Comments, suggestions, critiques and "your doing is wrong"  replies are welcome. :)

Comments: I really like the orange and cannot wait until you paint the wings. The orange to grey sounds like a fun idea.

Suggestions: Send me the dragon after you finish. ^_^

Critiques: None at the moment.

Curiosity: Do you paint these large dragons with a brush or an airbrush?

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I would really do a heavy wash of some type to bring out the scales.  You might go through half a pot with something that size though :blink:


The transition from orange to yellow looks nice but this isn't skin so the underside of the scale should be really, really dark.  Flipping it upside down and painting in a downward direction will be an easy way to do this.  If you do this I hope he's bones and not metal....

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Just barley getting started here.  Yes he still needs a dozen or so washes to get the yellow color up and in the end I might have to go between the scales to get the color up as high as I want it to be.  I haven't started the darker parts of the scales because, for me, its harder to re-lay a lighter color over the darker ones.  If everything works the way I want it to, the brightest portions of the mini should be the deepest recesses and underside of the scales.  the inside of the mouth should be almost white.  I am hoping to do some oriented lighting on the base to show the light coming from the dragon and fading as he cools.


In my thoughts, at least, the final dragon color, when cooled, would be the color the wings are now and he is cooling to this color after being birthed by fire or lava.  trying for a skin tone like the one on the ground in the dragon below but brighter and yellower:




If it doesn't work there's always simple green...


And for this dragon all the painting will be done by brush, but I do use airbrush for a lot of larger dragons and other things (T'raukzul, Kaladrax, and Cthulhu come to mind.)  and I am a lot more likely to use airbrushing for Bonesium.  My airbrush station is in another part of the basement and I didn't want to move the mumble setup Saturday and readjust the noise settings.

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The next stage. I had a couple of hours to work on it tonight. Gave up on washes and lined the scales with yellow. Started some color patterning on the wings. Not sure if that's working out yet but we'll see. If any one but me doesn't know it, the reaper saffron yellow is the rarest of paints: an opaque yellow


Finally started moving up the scales with a coat of Phoenix red which is translucent at best


As usual comments welcome





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Moving on to the next stage. A layer of big top red and then a layer of bloodstain red. I think I have the base on the scales down. Now to move to some shading and inverse highlighting. And of course work on the details and wings. It's a little rough yet but I think the concept is going pretty well.


Comments welcome of course!





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Been a while and this dragon has been staring at me while I try to figure out what to do to keep the look and lose some of the discontinuity on the scales. The my Nephew decides he wants a dragon, thathat one specifically. So back to the front of the painting table. Some yellow and orange washes later and I think we are back on track. I also did some work on the base and started in on the face to give a little more ambiance. Not sure yet if I want to darken the tips of the gray plates and horns to near black or to use a light Grey as an ash effect. Comments welcome of course.


Sorry for the tablet photos but the good lights are 2 flights up...


post-5901-0-95700600-1413767538_thumb.jpg post-5901-0-68011600-1413767505_thumb.jpg



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Just about finished with this project. I am reasonably happy with the result. If I was going to do it again I would try to blend the scales better. I liked the ashy affect I got on the wings. But apparently it's well done as my Nephew glommed onto it as an early Christmas present. I've got a few white spots to clean up I'm sure. If I ever do this dragon again I am going to dip it in paint. I'm going to have nightmares about some of the deep spots between the scales. I also had to go practically to white to get the edging on the belly scales I wanted and I still am not sure if I shouldn't go up another shade for final highlights.


Anyway, comments critiques and suggestions welcome. I should be finishing up this weekend then real pictures and off to show off and my nephew's house


post-5901-0-98622900-1415411334_thumb.jpg post-5901-0-66652100-1415411357_thumb.jpg



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      But, I finally got him primed.  Isn't he cute! 

      Next, I basecoated with red shadow.  why red shadow, you ask?  Because red is awful at coverage because of its translucency.  So, basecoat with a red brown. This will save you frustration down the road.

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      Still not red?  Never fear!  Also, put a lot of layers of each step.  Lots and lots of layers. Next step big top red.

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      Boom! Now we're in the red zone.
      Now, I need eyes.  A miniature is lifeless until we add eyes.  I like doing them early because they often help guide the rest of the project.

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      Excellent!  I also mixed a bit of linen white into the yellow just at the edge of the iris ring.  Here's a front view:

      Last step in eyes if adding the white reflection.  I used pure white for contrast.

      So he's sort of a demonic cute lion.  It could work, right?
      Then I wanted to try out wing patterns.  For the last 3 days I've been wanting to get to the fun part, so I forged ahead and rushed to this step. As it turns out, that was an error, but it worked out in the end.  I think.

      Ok, the key to freehand is breaking down a pattern into something simple.  I started with circles.

      Filled in the circles and added some teardrop lines.

      added some more lines.

      and on and on...

      Until I felt like I was getting closer to pattern.  It was then I realized the wing looked way to flat and dull. I needed more shading.  What I should have done was make the feather lighter near the origin to add more contrast. So I glazed over the pattern.  I'll just have to pick it back up again after I'm done with the shading.

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      More later!  As always, feel free to ask questions!
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