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So it turns out that coffee pods not only contain coffee grounds, which I'm accumulating for ground-cover on a piece, they ALSO contain (well, this brand does) two perfectly round, rigid plastic mesh screens per pod.


Just in case any of you crazy scratch-builders needed to know.

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Ya know those new-fangled coffee machines? They take a little pre-measured plastic capsule of coffee grind, ensuring consistent results (also makes sure you don't get old coffee smear building up and wrecking the flavour). They're a bit similar, in looks, to those individual heat-sealed milk servings you sometimes get in motel fridges.


However they are a sealed unit without the peel-off foil top; you put the whole thing in the coffee maker, then when you close the port a steel probe pierces the "pod" and injects hot water, and coffee comes out the spout.

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Yeah, K-cups (for a certain type of machine); you also get those cups (smaller ones) in Nespresso machines. In Europe, those K-cups are mostly done by Nestle (Senseo I think?) and the brand I actually use, Dulce-Gusto.


I will have to gutter some of those pods... we go throw them pretty quickly anyway.

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It depends on what you mean by "coffee pod" really. The k-cups are comparatively new. I'm not fond of them because I don't like all that waste every time I want a cup of coffee, but there's been another sort of pod available in Europe for many many years. It's basically an espresso machine, which uses small paper pods (they look a lot like slightly smaller, denser Tetley tea bags) instead of the usual scoop system. They're great, efficient, and all of the waste is biodegradable. I'm not entirely clear on which of these SR is referring to tbh.

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Yeah. Given a selection of beverages this morning at JFK, what did I get? What, you ask?


A Tropicana bottle. For the C-A-P.


Thank you guys...

Love the Tropicana caps. Planning on using them for Menoth Warjack bases.

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