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77152 Marsh Troll Bones 1

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The purple is because someone here noted that they colour-coded their baddies. I thought that was super-neat, and it reminds me of computer RTS team-colours and the Diablo franchise, so I've started doing it with all my monsters.


ETA: originally those ridge-spines along his back came up so golden that his working name was "Fabio, ze most beautiful troll in ze world". In honour of which, the barely-discernible head on his belt is also golden-haired...

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Skin was Brown Liner drybrushed with uh.... buckskin pale? Then I glazed it really roughly with, uh... an intense green, drybrushed with Clear Green, and dabbled in some glazes of other greens and washes with API soft and dark tone. I think the Peacock Green triad is in there too, highly recommended if you want lots and lots of... green-ness.


I've found a dark green like this works best coming up from almost-black and really over-emphasizing narrow highlights with Clear Green (I used to have a Partha almost the same colour). Then I use a few washes or glazes or hand-panting thinned green until there is the illusion of a blend.


I've been trying to "Paint Like Pingo" with an eye to the lighting and the colours rather than trying for super-smooth transitions and blends. Also to push myself to access* and expand my experience with colour instead of timidly sticking to known working combos. Her works in progress have so much energy and... knowledge I suppose? Confidence? I've been trying to emulate that at my own humble level. Fun, and feels like I'm opening up some new pathways in my brain :)


I've been using some wet-blending and brush-feathering like the guy who paints the Rivet Wars. I loved watching his brush move. I have been trying to be as energetic and fun with the brushwork, incorporating some ideas about wierdo colour blending to tie the colours together; using something already on the palette as shade/lighten mixes with whatever is already on the brush. Being a bit impulsive about going "as long as I have this on the brush I'll dab a highlight over... THERE!" It's been fun!


* I accessed it. It was a big ask. Is Lanse reading this? Is he weeping silently for the language?

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