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Bloodsbane's progress report

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This place is just way too nice, supportive and inspirational. It's high time I stop lurking and start posting some of my fiddlings.


At the moment, I'm all about Confrontation. I've decided to bring my collection of minis usable in Hybrid (the boardgame) to a respectable gaming standard.


Here's a quick shot of where I'm at with the baddies.

As can be glimpsed, I use any brand of paints I've gotten my hands on, various sorts of brushes and the occasional auxiliary product. You can't really see it in this picture, but I tried my glazing medium for the first time on the glow from the green vials. It definately made things easier.


The bases are all individually sculpted, because I'm crazy like that. I've made a few different dungeon base silicone molds and cast some resin stuff, but the Confrontation minis are so fragile I really want to keep the tabs on them if at all possible.


More to come :)


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Lovely work so far! I'm unfamiliar with the minis, but like most if the confrontation stuff I've seen, they're very interesting, dynamic sculpts. Nice contrast work so far, and I'm happy to see you've discovered the absolute glory that are the Army Painter metallics ;)

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