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77013 :: Bones Minotaur :: Weapon Conversion


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Packed up and off to the post office.





Power kit for my old buddies who want to get started painting includes:


  • Miniatures he paid me to order from Reaper:
    • Bones Minotaur with weapon conversion
    • Mash, Half Ogre with weapon conversion
    • Orankar Ogre Boss
  • 10 Bones miniatures from KS1 picked for variety
  • A Bones Griffin
  • Bones Anvil Thrice Damned as he really liked the one someone posted on the Reaper Facebook Group
  • 10 one-inch plastic bases
  • Assorted architectural sample bases
  • Paint-n-Take Hobby Q/Reaper painting brochure
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Hmmm.  Kind of want to do a similar weapon conversion for my copy of the Minotaur now.  Just so I can paint it.


*ponders some more*


A dire mace perhaps.


I like the head design from a mace I found online and doubled it.  I imagine the scale is not quite right ... handle to heads to length but it conveys what I am thinking.




Thoughts?  Or will it look too much like he's lifting weights?

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