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Mouseling Tavern diorama – WIP

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This is looking quite awesome.  For a well-worn wood look, I'd suggest going darker in high-traffic areas.  In my experience, wooden floors darken with use, not lighten.  The ballast gives it kind of a stucco look.

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I only hope you have a place to show this off so every one can see it.  It would be a great shame to put it away in a closet when not being used in a game...  If you don't have such a location......  I can find one anytime (follow this with an image of me doing shamefull begging)   :wacko:

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Worked on the bar area. Added taps to the barrels and added bottles and cups etc. I need to do a few touch ups. The wall below the barrels looks a bit plain now, but there will be a mouseling there so it won’t be visible.





Added candles to the fireplace, not sure if I like them there. Maybe too close to the ceiling? Made a box with firewood for the fireplace.




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Yes, the candles are going to be much too close to the ceiling.

Like the little touches, though. The string of sausages in particular. And I would argue that a Mouseling Tavern needs a proper cheese board.

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Final assembly of the walls and the first occupants.

Had a bit of a panic when I noticed that one of the wires to the leds in the fireplace had snapped off. When test fitting the wall I had to bend the wires to get the wall in place. Repeating bending caused the pin on the resistor to snap in half ::(: . Panic and *bleep* :grr:  words followed.


Luckily enough was left of the pin to reattach the wire. The walls are now glued in place and the wiring for the fireplace and the side chamber is made and working. :;):

Added the doors at the top of the stairs and added shutters to the front window.






Where there is food there are mice, so the mouseling tavern has it resident rodents. The mini’s are from stronghold terrain and are really tiny (4mm from nose to butt).




Started on the central table. The mouselings are having a party, so there has to be plenty of food and  off course a cheese platter.




These are mirliton miniatures, from the medieval accessories.


I am looking forward to paint something bigger than all these fiddly bits, like something I can actually see the details on. ^_^


Oh, and I painted a bed for the side chamber.




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