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COMMISSION...A little while back, I received a query from a model club/group who was interested in the purchase of my Renaissance Fair project for their club. When I gave them a polite negative reply...I informed them that if there was anything else I might be able to do for them...to please let me know. After about 4 or 5 weeks; they recontacted me with a request to build them a generic shanty type town consisting of 6 to 8 shacks and some kind of tower...they requested nice outside detail work but empty black interiors and removable tops for figures...in a size that can be used by (30-40mm) figures...something along the lines of buildings from the movie (District 9).


SHANTY...The posted photo is the start of this project (Shanty # 1)...So I know what I will be working on for the next month or so.


Paul (Catdancer)



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COMMISSION...A little while back, I received a query from a model club/group who was interested in the purchase of my Renaissance Fair project for their club. When I gave them a polite negative reply.

PROJECT...Sci-hi shanty village/outpost...   SUBJUCT...Shanty building # 2...roof work completed...left is the base (which I am going to hold off on until I have some more shacks completed)...so as

PROJECT...Sci-fi shanty town/outpost...   SUBJECT...Half ruined shanty building (# 1)...3rd freebie piece for project completed...just needs the base...Hope you like it.   Paul (Catdancer)

Posted Images

Those look really good.  Black interiors? :huh:


Do they plan to finish the insides later? I wonder if a dark brown or dark grey would be more versatile...


Gotta go with what the client wants, if they want black I wouldn't change it from their request.

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Those look really good.  Black interiors? :huh:


Do they plan to finish the insides later? I wonder if a dark brown or dark grey would be more versatile...



Yes...solid black interiors with no details on the building interiors. That is what the client (club) requested...so as ub3r stated...the client gets what the client wants. I guess that I can see their point of view...with the top(s) on the building(s) and a pitch black interior...it is difficult to see what/who is inside.

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Very interested to see something a little different from your usual work Paul.


Will you be putting any graffiti or posters etc on any of the buildings?

(Yes, I'm still impressed by the work you did on the stone walls of your last project)

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Thank you all for your gracious comments and feedback!


Darsc...yes there will be a mixture of posters and graffiti on some buildings and walls (but not really overwhelming).


Bruunwald...thank you, I love to use real wood (in projects like this) as opposed to plastic struct...it just feels more natural to me as I work on a project. I would feel uncomfortable building it as you are building your project...which I think you are doing a great job with.


Anne...I am always honored when a person and/or group approaches me with the desire to purchase one of my projects and/or contacts me for some commission work they would like for me to execute...I hope that you don't expect too much from this project as it unfolds...remember that it is a (table top game project for their usage) and not a private and/or competition project for my own collection.


Paul (Catdancer)

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SHANTY # 1...This will give you a basic idea as to what the buildings are going to look like for this project. Not display quality; but it will serve for tabletop gaming...there will be nice detail work on the exterior...solid black empty interior (per client request) and each building will be mounted on a small ceiling tile base with some ground foliage and detail.


Paul (Catdancer)

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SHANTY # 1...This is the completed shanty...... For tabletop game play...it is detailed and will look nice on the game table...but at the same time...very simple, with no real outside clutter to be cumbersome to figures...inside clean, open and solid black (as requested by club) for figure placement...Piece has easy movement ability (handle by tree) and roof has easy removal ability (handle by smokestack).


PROJECT...The whole shanty town project will contain (6) assorted shanty shack buildings...(1) shanty tower of some kind...and a few extra small terrain pieces that fit the theme.


Please advise if you wish to see additional pieces as I build them for this commission project. If there is no real interest...I will not post my on going work on this shanty village/outpost.


Paul (Catdancer)

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Looks good Paul! ::):

I realize you use a lot of existing supplies and items you have onhand to help keep costs down, but I can't help but think that the grass looks a bit too abundant and a bit too green and well kept for a shanty town.

Do you have any dryer looking light tan flock you could use?


Just my perception and of course I don't know your clients wants, this may well be in line with what was requested.


And great work on the Chez Rivera poster!


And you already know my answer to your question. ::):

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      So this is my year in review.  It was a strange year, what with working from home since early March.  I initially thought that would mean I'd paint more, but after spending 8+ hours every day sitting 3 feet from my painting desk but working, it really didn't work out that way. Eventually I was able to get some stuff painted so things are working better now.
      At the start of the year I decided I wanted to not just pick up some random Star Wars Legion stuff to paint, but to actually play the game.  Unfortunately everything shut down before I could watch a game at the LFGS.
      After I got enough prepped at home, my very patient and understanding wife agreed to play some small games so I could sort out the rules.  It must be reasonably fun for her, we just played a game on Monday....
      Eventually the store opened up for play again and I got in about a half dozen games before the latest wave hit and put a stop to that.  If all goes well we should be back to playing in a couple weeks.
      As far as painting:

      That was my output for the year.  I count it as 52 figures (51 bases but the e-Web has two Snowtroopers on the base.....). Not bad at all for me, especially considering it took me two months to paint the first unit of Stormtroopers and I had a big slump during the hot part of the summer where my output was nil.
      As you can probably tell, I play Imperials. And, because I'm using the premium bases and painting them, I can only field what I've painted.  So I've been pushing on painting Imperials.  The only rebel unit I've painted is the Rebel Veterans.  The LFGS rain a painting contest online during the shutdown and I figured painting yet more white and black wasn't going to impress....
      Here is the breakdown:
      1 box of Rebel Veterans 
      2 units of Stromtroopers
      1 unit of Scout Troopers
      2 units of Snowtroopers
      1 e-WEB heavy blaster team
      2 units of Speederbikes
      Darth Vader (the starter box edition)
      General Veers
      and the Imperial Officer and FX-9 Medical Droid from the Imperial Specialists Personnel Expansion.
      Looking forward to 2021 I still have a lot of Imperials left to paint. Luckily most are assembled, some are primed and a number of Stormtroopers already have a wash and drybrush done.
      This is good because I got the Clone Wars starter for Christmas (awesome wife strikes again!) so I'll be starting to assemble Droids soon....
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      A friend asked if I knew where to get hemets like these

      Anyone have ideas?
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