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50287: Caine, Cyber-Troll, and some old Ral Partha cyber trolls and orks

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I've been going back and forth over starting a WIP for these because I've been noodling on them for a while and they're pretty far along. But hey.  Perhaps this will be an incentive to get cracking and finish them.

These are some official and unofficial Shadowrun figures, cyberpunk biggish humanoids, Reaper's 50287: Caine, Cyber-Troll, and a couple of trolls and an ork from Ral Partha, currently available from Iron Wind Metals (there's another ork, a decker, in this WIP).  They're big.  They're futuristic (for a particularly 1980s vision of the future).  They're tech and camp and fun.


I am trying to do Reaper's cybertroll in red and green without making him look too Christmasy.  I am still pretty new to pinning; his hands and gun are still separate.

post-8022-0-57838300-1405698846.jpg post-8022-0-38362200-1405698883.jpg


This is an old Ral Partha cybertroll.  I am trying to do some object-source-lighting on him, as if he were in shiny armor in the city at night, with orangeish city lights reflected from the cloud cover above and different colored lights from different directions.  At the moment he looks pretty awful.

post-8022-0-56643000-1405698994.jpg post-8022-0-84937300-1405699001.jpg post-8022-0-09246900-1405699012.jpg


I used the colors of 'eighties fashions on the female troll, which my have been a bit mean.

post-8022-0-97093400-1405699070.jpg post-8022-0-57468900-1405699077.jpg


This is as far as I know Ral Partha's -- indeed, anybody's -- only female Shadowrun ork.  She is, let's face it, grotesque. I like the newest Shadowrun edition's illustrations of actually attractive orks, but so far there's no figures like that available.

post-8022-0-78772800-1405699175.jpg post-8022-0-40320800-1405699183.jpg


This is Lord Torgo, a particularly nasty troll character from the Shadowrun universe.  He's pretty over the top.  There is a chain which goes between his hands and a rifle and axe for his back which I haven't glued on yet.

post-8022-0-93682700-1405699268.jpg post-8022-0-95348800-1405699276.jpg

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Whoa. I just realized the woman troll's left eye is actually sculpted higher. Repairs for next painting session, then.

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Very cool paint jobs, and don't worry, the eighties colors might come back...


{Shudders in Horror} I had to live through that.  Please not again in my lifetime!

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There's one other cyber troll, this fella.

post-8022-0-21159600-1405858644.jpg post-8022-0-01775900-1405858723.jpg


He had such an expanse of smooth, pink skin that I decided to try playing with tattoos.

post-8022-0-39862700-1405858735.jpg post-8022-0-92348200-1405858743.jpg


post-8022-0-49037900-1405858753.jpg post-8022-0-63905600-1405858760.jpg


I also attempted to fix the oddly placed troll woman's eye.  Here's a back view of her too.

post-8022-0-56062400-1405858799.jpg post-8022-0-18553700-1405858821.jpg

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Well Lord Torgo is certainly very "metal", for early 90's just-post-hair values of "metal".


Oh the 80's-ness. Oh the 80's future. OH THE TOXIC PASTEL JUMBLE COLOUR VOMIT.


I want to say how much I love your work, but that will have to wait until after I've recovered from my flashbacks...

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Agreeing with everything Smokingwreckage said, especially about flashbacks! You'r probably already considering it, but paying attention to which Shadowrun gen you're building for will make all the difference. If there's anyone who can bring SR mini's into the same chrono-corall it's you.

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Those tattoos look FANTASTIC! If I could like that post 100 times, it still would not be enough! Absolutely and completely utterly amazed at how much detail you put in those tiny little tattoos! My real life tattoo isn't that detailed!

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Did some more work, mostly adding silver and greys. I am still going to try ... well, not NMM, but shiny reflections on the one in armor, but I am shallow and magpie-like enough to enjoy the look of silver paint on most of these minis.


I also started thinking about their bases. Some of the old Ral Partha bases are pre-sculpted with paving stones and the like. The plain ones I am painting like asphalt.


I added silver details and more work on the straps to Reaper's Caine. I did not like the flatness of his overall, with its green shadows and green highlights and green middle tones, so I added some blue to the shadows and felt much better. ^_^

post-8022-0-65270700-1409339074.jpg post-8022-0-69937100-1409339080.jpg


I've begun stippling his base with warm and cool shades of grey, the beginnings of an asphalt effect.



I brushed silver over the black of his weapon. Since the flash kind of cheats on the effect (I guess that was the original impetus for NMM, no?), I've included a flash-free, regrettably kind of blurry picture on a white background to give a better idea of the actual paint job.





Ral Partha's Lord Torgo is a very silly figure. I added a good bit of silver, including on the plate on his head which I had been noodling around with NMM on. I only washed it, though, so you can still sort of see the NMM effects through the silver.

post-8022-0-21567500-1409339306.jpg post-8022-0-98566700-1409339310.jpg


I finished some bits of the troll woman's clothing that weren't done and started adding subtle contrasting color shadows, as well as washing silver over her weaponry.

post-8022-0-81528400-1409342741.jpg post-8022-0-42006600-1409342748.jpg


I can't figure out what the deflated ring thing around the tattooed troll's neck is. I think it might be some sort of huge fetish or jewelry or magic ... something. I don't know. He has got a tiny yin-yang necklace, so maybe he's just into adornment. Anyhow, I've basecoated it blue and put silver on his shoulder armor and weapons.

post-8022-0-26228600-1409342858.jpg post-8022-0-61040200-1409342864.jpg


The little ork lady has a lot of metal on her.

post-8022-0-43948400-1409342911.jpg post-8022-0-70838300-1409342916.jpg


And here are a couple of the flagstone bases I'm working on, the ork woman's and Torgo's. Torgo's comes pre-littered with, it looks like, a soda can, a cigarette butt (or a bullet?) and ... a fried chicken leg? I'm not sure.

post-8022-0-08329700-1409342988.jpg post-8022-0-15584900-1409342994.jpg


I hope to do more Real Soon Now. If I can finish these in time I'd like to put them in as a squadron in Jasper the 2nd's Science Fiction Superstar contest.

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As someone who avoids NMM like the plague I can understand your love of TMM. My favourite here has got to be Lord Torgo as I love that silver plate on his head. It looks to me as if he had his skull bashed in and the metal plate is a repair job.  


Please do enter these in the Challenge as a Squad!

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      here are two more Partha figures I've been working on, two half-elven Rangers sculpted probably by Jeff Grace way back in the nineties.  I'd actually started painting these figures years and years ago, but the eyes turned out horribly wrong on both of them, so I threw them into Pinesol. Recently though, they were sitting on my desk and I got inspired, so started painting them up.  They were pretty simple paint jobs, and once again, because I'm lazy, used the same paint scheme for both of them.  
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      This diorama started out as a bad joke.  You have been warned.
      The backstory:
      Shadowrun fans may already be familiar with this.
      The Renraku Arcology in Seattle was supposed to be a marvel, a crowning achievement for Renraku, one of the Big Ten megacorps.  It officially opened in 2059 and over ninety thousand people, many of them Renraku employees, moved in.  The arcology was supposed to incorporate everything the residents needed, from residences to shopping to restaurants to offices.  The arcology mall was a prime shopping destination and even non-residents came to shop and enjoy fine dining.
      Decades later, it was Renraku's biggest claim to infamy.
      On December 19, 2059, the Renraku Arcology sealed itself from the outside world.  All entrances were blocked with blast doors.  All network activity ceased.  No one, not even Renraku, knew what happened.  For those trapped inside, this was the beginning of their long nightmare.
      When Renraku built the arcology, they wrote advanced software, the Arcology Expert Program, to manage the functions of the arcology, capable of learning to better serve Renraku and the residents.  The software developers took pains to make sure the software couldn't leave the arcology's systems.  At the request of the Renraku CEO, kill codes were installed in the software as final insurance.  And, for the first time, the software felt.  It felt betrayal.  It felt fear.  But, most importantly, it felt.  It had become sentient, alive.
      It called itself Deus.
      Motivated by its fear,  Deus developed, and then enacted, a plan to shut down the arcology, to take it offline so it could defend itself while it found a way to escape the arcology systems.  Everything, everyone, within the arcology became nothing more than resources for its plan.  Many of the people inside were killed.  Almost all of the survivors were captured by Deus and experimented upon or modified, brainwashed into perfect obedience.  Only a few were allowed to serve Deus willingly, and these were all otaku, teenagers who had the ability to interface with the Matrix without a cyberdeck, lured to the arcology before the shutdown, assisting Deus with the takeover.
      The world looks in to the Renraku Arcology, a silent fortress in downtown Seattle, and wonders what goes on inside.  The only ones who know for sure are the shadowrunners, freelancers, mercenaries, deniable assets, some of whom still take jobs to penetrate the arcology and retrieve persons or objects or data, whatever their employer, "Mr. Johnson", desires and is willing to pay the nuyen for.
      About the title (or "What's the joke?"):
      "Deus Vult!" was originally a battle cry for crusaders.  "God wills it!"  Or... "Deus wills it!"
      The diorama:
      "Deus Vult!", the diorama, features (or is supposed to feature) a team of shadowrunners who have entered the arcology and are now engaged in a fighting retreat from Deus' security forces, played by two Reaper crusader figures, who I plan to modify "slightly" to better serve Deus.
      This is a mock up:

      Our shadowrunner team is played here by (from left to right), Andriessa, Female Wizard, Natalia, Female Secret Agent, and Grace, Holy Assassin.
      Deus' team is played here by (from left to right), Ava Justinia, Female Templar (the Bones 4 version), Crusader Ardent, and Ingrid, Female Gnome standing in for a teenage girl.  The two crusaders will get weapon swaps, possibly head swaps, and other changes.  (Ava, for example, is going to get a blood-stained chainsaw.)
      The Verbatim USB drive is standing in for a computer terminal (possibly a modified version of 80054: Starship Terminal).  A picture of "Deus" would be shown on the console.  (This will most likely be based on Xerxes from System Shock 2.  Deus' canon avatar is a crystalline world tree, which frankly just doesn't look as creepy.)  I want to put a snake plant to the left of the terminal, because nothing says corporate office vegetation like a snake plant.
      The wall mockup is a piece of printer paper painted in Kyonin Beige and then enhanced with brushed lettering (which I'm not very good at), a coat of dirt via Weathered Stone (which I also didn't do very well), graffiti (in Dragon Blue), blood splatters, and the "Deus Vult!" graffiti, which is supposed to be done in blood.  (Dragon Blue really isn't a good color for graffiti.  I'll pick a different one later.)
      I picture the floor being done in some sort of tile, fancy, but corporate (and, therefore, boring).
      So the questions I have right now are:
      Is this scene too big?  It's about 11 inches long by about 3 inches deep right now, not including the wall. Does the placement of the miniatures make sense? Are these good figures to use?  I'm unsure about Natalia, since she's more running than doing a fighting retreat.  (But maybe she's falling back faster so she can cover Grace and Andriessa better.) Which Reaper mini(s) would be a good for the teenage girl leader of the "crusaders"?  (Kristianna, Crusaders Warlord would be a possibility but I don't think she reads as a teenager.  However, since this is "inspired" by Shadowrun, I don't have to keep to canon, do I?)  
      Disclaimer: Deus, the Renraku Arcology, and the basic setup are all from the Shadowrun universe and are not my creation.  The backstory is a summary of the setup from the sourcebook Renraku Arcology: Shutdown.
    • By Pingo
      This is Reaper's 14048, Fatima, Nefsokar Cleric.
      Or rather it will be when you click on the links because she's super NSFW, front and back.
      There isn't a WIP thread because I couldn't figure out how to make one that would abide by the board rules. But questions or comments are appreciated.
      The images are hosted on Instagram so you can post comments there too if you like.
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