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AAR Koborlas vs Dwarves

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Koborlas (997 pts)

Luck Stone

Troop 1

Vasyl, Rageclaw Alpha


Rageclaw Warriors (x2)

Rageclaw Sentry

Corm, Ghostmane Shaman



Troop 2

Kainus, War Veteran


Rageclaw Warriors (x3)

Troop 3

Takhi, Frostfang Shaman


Rageclaw Line Breakers (x2)

Wargs (x2)

Troop 4

Spirit Wolf



Dwarves (991 pts)

Luck Stone

Troop 1

King Thorgram Grimsteel

Bear Riders (x3)

Kara Foehunter

Warriors (x4)

Mancatchers (x2)

Troop 2

Fulumbar Ironhammer

Warriors (x4)

Magara Firetongue


Troop 3

Stone Spirit



“Keane’s blood!†Vasyl swore.  “How can a race be so stubborn?â€

Vasyl and his pack had been tracking a group of slavers out of Crackow, when one of his scouts had discovered a pass that would let them get ahead of them.  The path lead them to the ruins of an ancient temple and a group of Dwarves.  The Dwarves immediately odered Vasyl and his pack to leave the area.  Vasyl tried to explain that the Koborlas had no interest in what the Dwarves were doing, but the Dwarven King, Thorgram Grimsteel, was adamant; leave or die.  Again Vasyl swore in frustration and then nodded to Corm.  Corm’s warpipes began their mournful wail and the Korborlas began their charge.


As the Korborlas began to move, Takhi took a moment to focus his magic and cast a spell on Vasyl’s troops that would let them move faster.  Much to his surprise though, instead of feeling a rush of magic as the spell was cast he felt it just dwindle away.  At the same time, Thorgram ordered his troop to begin moving forward, while the Stone Spirit that Magara Firetongue had summoned, sank into the ground and began it’s hunt. 


As the armies towards one another, Magara Firetongue cast a spell upon the crossbow of the dwarven piercer close to her, embueing it’s quarrels with explosive qualities.  The piercer then fired into Kainus and his men, wounding Kainus and killing one of his warriors.  Meanwhile Takhi had spotted a disturbence in the ground near Vasyl and his troops.  He quickly cast Exhume on the area and was rewarded for his efforts when the Stone Spirit was forced to the surface.  Seeing the Stone Spirit rise up out of the ground, Vasyl and his some of his men charged forward to engage it.  Corm acted quickly as well and cast Mire, using his familiar as his eyes.  With the Stone Spirit stunned by Corm’s magic, the Rageclaw Sentry with Vasyl landed several heavy blows on the it, but was unable to damage it.  Vasyl also launched a series of blows at it, but only one landed and did any damage. Taking advantage of Vasyl’s preoccupation with the Stone Spirit, Thorgram had his Bear Riders flank Vasyl’s troops and go after Corm, while he and one of his mancatchers attacked Vasyl.  One of his warriors also went after the Sentry next to Vasyl.  As Vasyl and Thorgram exchanged blows, one of the Bear Riders savaged Corm.  Corm managed to land a blow on the Bear Rider before he went down though.  Scenting blood, the Spirit Wolf charged the wounded Bear Rider, savaging him.  Meanwhile, Takhi cast the spell Hailstones at Fulumbar and two of his men.  The spell caught Fulumbar and one of his warriors, but other escaped unharmed.  At the same time, one of the Line Breakers put a bolt into a Bear Rider.


As this was happening, more of Thorgram’s men flanked Vasyl’s troop and took out one of his Rageclaw Warriors.  His Bear Riders sacrificed themselves to kill Vasyl’s other Warrior and the Spirit Wolf.  Kainus and his troop charged the Dwarves on Vasyl’s flank, killing one of them while one of Takhi’s Wargs killed the other.  Vasyl’s Sentry helped him to destoy the Stone Spirit’s physical form as he swung at it and Thorgram.  Thorgram collapsed from his, but Vasyl’s Ironhide Armor absorbed the force of Thorgram’s blows, allowing him to remaining bloody, but still standing.


With Thorgram down and most of his men dead, Kainus and his men charged Fulumbar’s lone piercer, while Takhi cast Ironskin on Vasyl to protect him from Thorgram’s remaining men.  Fulumbar reacted by charging the a Rageclaw Warrior, while Magara cast Wall of Fire on Kainus and his remaining trooper.  The spell set Kainus ablaze, but the Rageclaw Warrior managed to avoid it.  Fulumbar’s charge brought down the Rageclaw warrior, but it got a strike in on him allowing one of Takhi’s wargs to finish the job.  Takhi, in the meantime, cast Dispel upon Kainus to put out the fire and one of his Line Breakers fired a bolt into Kara Foehunter.

With all of the Dwarven leaders down, Magara Firetongue signaled the Dwarves to withdrawl.

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