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Wraith Knights (warning big files)

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I took a break from Bones to assemble, prime and paint these astoundingly beautiful undead boogeymen. Assembly was a pain because, while it was actually very simple, Tre sculpts smaller than I can SEE. As a result there was some ham-fisted smooshing, and two of these guys got Bones swords just to make it easier.


These were all primed with a medley of Reaper Black Primer and Vallejo Airbrush Black Primer, all brushed on. Currently I prefer the Vallejo, just because it goes on with no thinning, quick and easy.


Armour was lightly drybrushed with API Greedy Gold, trying for a bronze or gilt ancient grave-goods look. Their frilly frocks, ah, robes, were variously washed, glazed, drybrushed or wet-blended, each colour got a different treatment, all MSPs. I am working my way through a quick-and-dirty OSL for "glowing ghostly bones" using MSP Lemon Yellow, Moth Green, and Pale Green.


Some of the robes got a new treatment, using GnG KS1 brushes. These have decent quality sable in a crappy quality brush, so they're quite nice for priming, drybrushing, and stippling. I used stippling as part of the "illusion of blending" on the green robes, which you can't see very well, but it worked nicely.





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I felt VERY brave for taking those on. I was torn between glowy and boney. In the end I decided that they definitely needed something ghostly and ethereal about them to offset the "weight" of the armour and kind-of work with the BOO! of the sculpt. So I decided on the colours, more or less, and decided to follow the "brighter on the INSIDE" rule for fire.


That seems to be working really well, I am bending the rule a little bit to bring up some of the details, but mostly, INSIDE the skulls and INSIDE the armour carapace is the "hot", which I am still muddling about with but is basically Lemon Yellow plus Moth Green, then I go up to Moth Green, then a little bit of thinned Light Green to finish. It's all just dabbed on in thin layers, glazes and washes. Then I just dabble a bit of colour to show where the light should "shine"... more or less.


This has actually been a REALLY simple paint job. The sculpts are minutely detailed but also wonderfully free of clutter, a real joy to paint; the result is looking like being one of those paint-jobs that gives you a huge ego boost and looks way better than it has any right to, given how fast it was :)

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