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Impact Miniatures - Pony Kickstarter

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Glad to hear things are on the upswing.


Don't push to hard on the work end. Family is #1.

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Jeez, mate. I just got caught up on this thread! I'm hoping, praying, and positive-vibing for a good outcome for you and your boy.


On a much less important note, the family here like the ponies, and I only wish I'd had more money to lay out on them. As it was, culling out all the awesome choices, to fit inside the budget, was difficult indeed. So, sending a little bit of extra positivity your way: I love your work! The casts look good and the concepts are just fantastic. My daughter especially likes the Ninja Pony :) Me myself, I think the skeleton and zombie ponies are just gorgeous.


Anyway, take it easy, keep your head together, and take good care of your boy. For whatever it's worth, I sent a prayer up for you guys.



If I get a chance I'll buy a couple things through your store, because good financial news is always nice to get. (It won't be much though 'cause I'm broke as hell, just hoping to combine material benefit to you with *TOTALLY SELFLESS SACRIFICE* on my part ;)  )

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For a rather humorous story...


Every year my wife volunteers to man the church's booth a the local arts fair and every year something comes up and I get assigned the task. Last year I brought some dragons to paint because well, boredom. Most of the stuff on the table is homespun wool or knitted things. And honestly, I'm still learning to knit a scarf.


So I paint and I get pestered to sell, but I'm painting dragons because werewolves and barbarians and ,mm ages didn't seem right at a church function And people are not thrilled to hear the cost of the raw metal dragon is over 100 dollars.


But ponies... They are pretty innocent, they atract kids like flies and these are an expensive but reasonable fair trinket, especially if the recipient can name their colors. And at this point I can do a pretty good basic pony from prime in about 20 minutes. And it let's me paint them without trying to figure out what to do with a great number of ponies.


Anyway, take care of your family we'llol be there to support your company when you get back. And thanks for being so responsive to the community!

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Update 44: "Shipping is complete for everyone with a pledge manager."




I think I may have been one the last pledges shipped. (I was *way* late finalizing my pledge.) I got an email yesterday that a package was on the way, just after this update was posted.

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