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Final 2 days and we've unlocked a lot of extra sculpts so far.  We appreciate all the support.   The KickStarter analytics say that this forum was a good source of backers for our project and we thank the Reaper Community very much for that assistance.


Here is a quick summary of the extra miniature unlocked since we started (and we also unlocked extra free points for many of the reward levels)













Thank you again for your support and feedback!


Tom @ Impact!

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We just locked in our order. My wife made some choices and I made some choices for what we thought would work well for my daughter.


Item Quantity Alchemist Pony 1 Alicorn 1 Centaur 1 Chibi House 1 Cleric Pony 1 Clockwork Pony 1 Cthulhu Pony 1 Druid Pony 1 Fire Alicorn 1 Hat 1 Hat Pony 1 Hippocampus 1 Mummy Pony 1 Ninja Pony 1 Paladin Pony 1 Pirate Pony 1 Ranger Pony 1 Skeleton Pony 1 Wizard Unicorn 1 Zebra Barbarian 1 Zombie 1 Total 21
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