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Shadowrun Ork Biker WIP Spaceship Super Entry

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Ub3r N3rd suggested in my Dain thread that I should post a request mini.  Well I need to make up my mind for my Spaceship Superstar entry.  So I thought I'd open it up to vote  Since the contest is for several old mini's I thought I would paint up one of my Old mini's for the contest.  Here are some photo's of my possible entries. [Note I condensed several to reduce the photo's]


Choice 1 & 2:  I was inspired to break out my old Shadowrun Biker mini's.  One is an elf biker, the other is an ork biker.



Choice 3: I started this a little while ago and got distracted.  This one is an old Star Frontiers mini.



Choice 4, 5, & 6:  These were some old figures I had sitting in a box.  Not exactly sure the make and model but hey they are Sci-Fi.



Choice 7:  Hey what kind of choice for spaceship superstar would it be with out some space ships.



Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions.

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I like either choice number three or choice number seven. I'm partial to number three because it is classic pulp, which is the font from which all sci-fi flows.  I like number seven because an integral part of all sci-fi is the ability to travel to the stars. It captured the imagination of man and resulted in many a great writer putting pen to paper, giving rise to a plethora of novels that fired the imagination of many future scientists. 

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Well, unfortunately life being what it is.  I'll probably only be able to finish a single figure.  I like the idea of a diorama with the 2 bikes but doubt I'll be able to finish it in time. :down:   So I'll paint up the SR Ork on a Bike.  #3 is still on the table to finish anyway, as he is the last figure I have to paint from that Star Frontiers set. 

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The bike had an accident during cleanup.  In Shadowrun (SR) terms I glitched.  Here's A shot of the accident.




Im not too worried A few copper rods, some super glue, and some green stuff and if should be back up and running. On to the rider, him I managed to get the eyes and base coat down for the skin.  I decided to go with a darker tanned skin for the Ork.  So I mixed RMS Ruddy Leather and Tanned skin 1:1 for the base coat.



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Tried to decide the colors to paint the rider up.  Then I remembered drawing from the 1st edition shadowrun rulebook of an ork mercenary.  I dug out the said book and sure enough there was a picture very similar to this figure's look.  So in the interest of nostalgia I decided to try to recreate it.  I put down some base coats.



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