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July painting. 


Posted to avoid being overly mammalian

The front looks just as good. post-12081-0-84873600-1406476395_thumb.jpg


 comparison between base coating with yellow and working outward (5+ days) , and jut doing highlights (1 day) 



This guy appears to have a fish in a weapon holster. I name him Fish Knight! 



Other stuff: some reposted 





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I read this title as "Elvis Painting: July 2014" which perplexed me, thinking that perhaps you paint an Elvis mini for every month of the year? Then after scrolling through I thought "What kind of weird false advertising was that? Not a single Elvis anywhere." I then scrolled back up and realised that I am an idiot.  ::P:


Such a great collection of minis! That elemental has to be the standout though, I think! Well done!

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I will be more complete on the next show-off thread title :) 


The large fire elemental was actually painted for 5 days in may, (before I got tired of painting it) - the deepest color was orange. 

he sat on my window ledge above my desk until June when I finally decided I could do better and finished him after another 3 days, going all the way to deep red.

I think the little fire looks good in person, but even my family prefers the Elemental. 

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