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Robins WIP #2 77026 Young Fire Dragon Bones (Gold)

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Playing by the rules, as they stand now,  I have started a Project specific WIP for the Young Fire dragon.  My better half saw my version of EbonWrath as a blue dragon and wanted one of her own.  While not sure what dragon she wants me to purchase to paint for her... she is still thinkling on this.. I have painted her up the Young Fire dragon.  I first boiled the wings to gain some seperation (yay bones) as they were almost vertical.


Below is the base coat of GOLDEN Shadow with Some Blue wing bones.






Then while waiting for work to complete some system implementations so I could do my part remotely (couldnt leave the computer area), I motored on today and got the wings and body mostly done.  I still have not decided on the base for the dragon so I have not done more than base coat the feet.


Again I apologise for my poor camera skills.. remember this guy would be a pet for Sir Forscale.. equivalent to a small pony I would say.









The white 'Broccoli' base will be coming off once I design him his own custom environments.  Suggestions for this are welcome.  Also any critiques or stuff you like please feel free to add any feedback.  It is a WIP.

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I always love seeing the many different ways that little dragon gets painted!  Looks good so far, I'm especially interested in how you do the basing.  The one I have half-done was just glued on top of a 40mm base with putty added to blend it together.  (Easy, but not impressive.) 

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Looks great, is Golden Shadow a metallic colour? I can't tell from the photo.


No golden shadow is one of the skin tone triads.   The last set of pictures shows the dragon with a light Palomino Gold as a highlight on each scale and that is the metallic adding the extra shine.

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I have started and, I hope you are not disapointed Jay.  Based on the dragons pose I figured he should be swatting at something below and to his left... soooo. ..


time to catch some dinner!  Salmon I think!  


I don't have any water effect stuff so I am going with a painted base (multiple shades of blue mixed with white) and then cover that by a thick coat of sealer and then some white Glue to represent current/waves/ripples.  (The glue has not dried at this point so it is actually still white... I will probably have to paint it tomorrow.)




Stage one (throw some stuff in water including blue rocks)




Stage two change the rocks to grey and muddy brown.




For those of you wondering... yes I did paint his eyes!





(edited for spelling/grammer and typos)

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Ok.  The white glue dried and all but disappeared so I had to paint in the frothy water instead.  I have gone as far as I want to on the young dragon so below are the final pics.   I wll also add them to the Show Off thread for those who dont follow the WIP (and they are missing a lot)!


SO below is the Golden young dragon looking for a meal  ' Gone Fishing '








Possibly fishing for comments ... hint hint  :devil:

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