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Dr. J. 40K Project (Split from Last Hurrah')

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AND now for something different, my old friend & patron, Dr. J(ustin) asked me to do some SciFi Desert World terrain for his 40K game. The first batch is some simple Southwesterish rock formations:




There seems to be some intruders here (for size comparison):





...Orks! There goes the neighborhood!:



There will eventually be some Mad Max style dwellings, both ruined & intact, fuel tanks & other paraphernalia, improvised fortifications, & such. I'm drawing ideas for The Project from all this; SO it should be a total waste. Your comments & suggestions would, of course, be most welcome.

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AND the tanks are done...OH BABY!           AND the Group Portrait:   That wraps up the Bunkers & Tower. I Googled the photos to Himself. The reaction was VERY enthusiastic AND

After some down time, I have two of the Man-Made pieces primed & ready for some color. The top section on the soda can tank is by ArmorCast; the rest is miscellaneous junk:       I'm not s

The first, & possibly the last three bunkers are done...OH BABY (the normal just-released-from-Hell reaction/feeling I get whenever a commission piece is completed)! AND here are some almost adequ

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Thanks, Guys!

You got it, Wolf. I just hot glued layers of insulation foam together & carved the up with a saber saw style blade. To get the bevel I did the top & bottom sections separately. I stuck the on bamboo skewer. & carve from the wide part on top down. When I had the layers carved to taste, I separated them (still on the skewer) & hot glued them into place. The the two sections were glued together & mounted on a 1/8" foam base for stability. Some glue & sand on the base AND ready to paint.

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Another batch of Rocks & Such has been added to Dr. J's World; AND here's the rather poor photographic evidence:








There that wasn't SO bad now was it?

The next batch should be Man(?) Made Thingies; i.e., ruined & intact buildings, storage tanks, & such. Until then your comments would be most appreciated...for the most part.

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Thanks, ub3r...over on L.A.F. I've become Lord of the Mushrooms. I'm trying not to rush these pieces, but with each one I do I come up with more ideas for my own projects. It's one of those things that happens whenever I do things for other Folk.

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After some down time, I have two of the Man-Made pieces primed & ready for some color. The top section on the soda can tank is by ArmorCast; the rest is miscellaneous junk:






I'm not sure where I will be going from here, but that does add to the excitement. Be that as it may, your comments would be, as always, appreciated.

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So, given the storage tanks, and their apparent cobblestones, a proper "downtown section of the spooky woods? 


Now, back into the dark corner to lurk some more :ph34r:


The primed ones are meant to be sitting on concrete slabs...the hatches giving a hint of underground areas, Once finished they'll will be off to that dread 40K War Zone: Iowa City...the Rocks were shipped off on Friday. I have to resist doing a Post Apocalypse style town; re, it just wouldn't fit with the style of game that Dr. J's Crew is into.

The painted ones are part of Hooligan's Hooch Mushroom Distillery, which in turn is part of the Goblin Shanty Town.

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