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Reaper DHL 02001, Reaper Famine

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Hiya, kids!  Been a while since I posted a work in progress (so many, many Bones), but as I'm presently trying to finish some home renovations and have had to limit my available workspace, I figured I'd start something new in the meantime before I get back to The Horde of Infinite Things.


So this is the original gangster, the first guy in Reaper's Dark Heaven Line:  Reaper of Famine. 





This is a pretty cool miniature, and I've had it for a while.  Since... at least 2006.  Anyway, this is my fourth or fifth try at this same miniature.  In fact, I just stripped him again only yesterday.  It's a very neat piece, but challenging.  Some of that is trying to figure out what parts are what, and then what to do with them.  My previous attempts left me feeling cold, and that it wasn't the right direction.  But this time, due to the increase in experience painting so much stuff in the last two years and my growth of paint supply, I think I might finally get it done.


I'm going to start with the undead horse first, so here's a look at it with some primer on to show the details:







As you can see, there's a lot of neat stuff going on here.  So this should be a bit of fun, and then I'll have the first DHL mini added to my collection to lord mercilessly over all others. 

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Normally when I start a new piece, whether metal or Bones, I tend to start the first painting stage with lots of (very sloppy) lining.  I opted not to do that in this case, because I'm not really sure where I want to line.  So I figured the best course was to add some basecoating in and try to figure out what's what.


There's fleshy bits, bare bone bits, skin bits, and where one ends and the other begins isn't especially clear while bare metal or all white.


So first step was to paint the horse skin.  I used some old Reaper Pro Paint Shield Brown for this, darkened up with some Reaper Brown Liner and thinned.  Been a while since I used thinned paint, took some getting used to again!


I opted for this colour brown because it's a bit neutral.  Horses come in many colours, but given the complexity of the other bits I decided not to get too fancy.  Plain old brown will do, I think.  Hard for people to argue with, too.  Can't go wrong with a brown horse.






Then I decided to try and figure out what's bone, and did those bits in Reaper Master Series Bone Shadow, which I still have massive amounts of from when I painted Bones Kaladrax.  Seriously, I could probably do a whole room of my house I have so much.






Now you can see some parts that I left white that look like maybe they should be bones, but they look a bit shallower and the slabby bit on the side is raised a little.  So that leads me to think these bits are bit more "meaty" as opposed to bare bone.  I'll try it that way first, anyhow, and if it looks bad then I'll repaint it.


I'm putting a little more effort into this than most of what I've posted, since this guy is not primarily meant for gameplay.  I figure I can try and do a pretty good job on him.  Not that I'll succeed, but we'll see.  When I do Bones, since the primary objective is speed, I generally don't favour critical comments or suggestions because those have a way of complicating the job and I'm trying to simplify the process - but since that doesn't apply to this guy then if you have feedback feel free to post it.  It's all welcome.



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Buglips I dont think the horse is intended to actually have exposed bones.  It is famine that is riding him so a gaunt body suffering from famine would make since with the skin pulled tight over the bone structure.  Remember to stay away from the healthful shiny skin tones for the horses hide and focused on the muddier slightly off colors.. like the brown you have started with.


just my 1/2 cents worth  :unsure:

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There's definitely exposed bone and meaty bits, not skin all over.  This may become more visible as I proceed to pick it out with basecoats. 


ETA:  Your famine logic makes sense, but this guy's not really big on the famine theme.  I actually thought he was war or death for a while, but he's listed as famine.  So famine I guess he is! 

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I have the figure in question, and I'd argue that the shoulder in particular is exposed bone.

There are a zillion pictures of HEALTHY horses all over the internet. Where are all the pictures of sick, starving, and zombie horses, from which to work and gain inspiration for color and shading?

Actually, skip that; I don't think I wanna know. I already get enough glurge on my Facebook page with pictures of starving dogs and mutilated elephants...

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I think I've pretty much figured out what should be what.  So I've blocked in the meaty bits with Master Series Bubblegum Pink.  Then I did the tack & harness with old pro paint chestnut brown darkened with some master series brown liner.  I wasn't sure what to do with the hair, so I decided probably it was in rough shape from whatever happened to the horse to make it the way it is - and eventually decided on a basecoat of 4 old pro paint armor grey to 1 old pro paint shield brown.  Then I put some old pro paint ghoul grey on the base to temporarily give it some colour.  






I also did the undersides in a lot of bubblegum pink, as you can see there's a lot of squishy stuff going on under there:




While that dried, I started in on Mr. Famine.  I decided to start his armor off with a coat of Coat D'Arms magic metal.  Rather than work from a dark undercoat up, I think I may use some washes on this to give it a bit of dinginess.  This will eventually resemble something like bronze, depending on what I do with it.  Which I haven't really decided yet.  But it wouldn't be a Buglips WIP if I had a plan or knew what I was doing.


Where's the fun in that? 







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I have all four of the horsmen sitting in my to do box and never had tne courage to paint them bravo


I had all four, but the one mounted on the wolf seems to have vanished since the Big Move. Guess I'll replace him when I swing back down for next Reapercon...



I also have all four, so the others may follow this one.  I have all of the early DHL up to at least the first 50, possibly the first 100.  I'd like to put a dent in those.  There's another one in the early DHL that's not one of these horsemen, but close enough to count... let me see...




Yeah, The Harbinger.  I also have him, so maybe he'll get some work as well.


As regards Her Evil Highness, I'm working on her on the side.  It's just in a very boring spot with fiddly repetitive bits so not presently worth an update.  But she's coming along.  Slowly.  I still have the rest of this year to meet the 20th Anniversary deadline. 

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