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59039 Deadlands Noir, Occult Detective


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Wow Anne, I just love this piece. You captured the essence of the figure perfectly with your painting (and base sculpting). Very very impressive!

I do like this sculpt and found them great for using dark palettes.  Thank you for the compliment!



The coat is really impressive. Nice use of shading.


The pleats on that coat are so stylish and unlike most of the detective coats you see. Now that's a coat I'd wear.  Thank you! 

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I like minis that get their character fomr the scuplt and not just the paint job.  A great use of an "ordinary" pallette of colors.  And really, what else would a guy like that be standing on except pavement?  Perfect complement to the mini.


I have a reputation for painting in extremely bright palettes. So for the last couple of months I've been working in more subdued palettes and I'm really enjoying it. These figures are just perfect for that kind of thing.



He looks like he could have stepped out of a '30s Detective film &, in so doing, went from black & white to living color. ..WONDERFUL brushwork, color choices, & base! VERY WELL DONE as always, Luv!


He does, doesn't he. I like that snub nose pistol he's carrying too. 


Thank you dahlink!

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