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[SPLIT] Bones 2 Pre-Shipping Excitement

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Looking at the forecast and the 'highs' here...They're about third from the bottom on the left hand column...I may have to intentionally delay shipping to avoid paint freezing.






(goes and checks)



Hey, Bryan - any chance of boxes being shipped to the Northeast having the paints buried in the middle of the box, to provide more insulation?

(only half kidding...)


yeeesh. WNY weather? You are terrible, and bad, and you should feel bad.

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 Paints almost never freeze during shipping - it's usually being left outside in a mailbox for hours or even overnight that ends up freezing them.

 It's the actual formation of ice crystals in the water that destroys paints, and that doesn't happen unless it's really cold for a significant amount of time.



 Liquids take a lot longer to cool down than gases, and just because the ambient temps outside reach below freezing does not mean that something is instantly going to freeze - even an ice cube tray filled with water sitting in a freezer (directly exposed to cold air) takes a fair amount of time to freeze. The paints are inside plastic bottles that are inside cardboard boxes - they may even be inside their own boxes or bags within that box rather than flailing around loose - which are inside buildings or vehicles... That's a lot of layers of insulation between the paint and the cold air.

 Think about it : They're packed into a sealed cardboard box, which will be placed into an enclosed truck for transport, stored in a heated building until transported again, possibly loaded into the cargo area of a plane which is unlikely to reach actual freezing temps even if unheated (bad for business to have packages getting wet cuz ice formed on them, right?), put back on a truck, and then stored in a building again until delivered to a mailbox that is probably the only place they'll be spending any significant amount of time in an environment cold enough for the temperature to have any long-term effect on the paint.



 Out of all of us who live in colder environments, how many of us can actually say they've had any paints freeze on them during delivery, and of those how many can say that it's happened more than once or twice in their life?


I've lost power in my house for days on end during the winter several times over the years, and my paints are set up in my basement next to the door to my unheated garage. I've had my pipes freeze on me many times, but never had any of my paints freeze on me.


Someday I'm going to buy a bottle of paint to sacrifice and see just exactly how long it takes a bottle of paint to freeze when left outdoors on my back porch.

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Yes. I have modified Bryan's want list to include basing and scenery as well as TIAMAT.



What? I can do that.

I was thinking of Bone 3: Bigger, Badder, Basier! Lots of large minis and bases.

I know this isn't a Bones III thread but I want to mention II is already coming with a lot of big stuff and I'd rather more useful pieces for the gaming table than a bunch of huge figures.

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