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[SPLIT] Bones 2 Pre-Shipping Excitement

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I just looked over what I'm getting via the Kickstarter page and got really excited...


I did too, but I always feel a pang of regret I didn't get the kraken.


Kraken was the very first add-on I saw that I definitely decided I wanted early on.  The timing for wave 1 shipping couldn't have happened at a better time if my order ships out monday or tuesday I will get it fairly quickly as Im only 6 hours away from Reaper HQ (sadly I couldnt actually go pick it up though).  That means it could arrive next thursday which is the beginning of my 4 day birthday weekend.  Actual bday is friday the 13th!


6?  Bet we could make it in 5


Y'know if we packed correctly we could make it in 4.  You know food, drink and extra empty bottles.  WE STOP FOR NOTHING I SAY!!


LOL!  Maybe from my house 'cause you're a good 20 min. south of me.  I make good time because I still have my badge which gets me out of tickets (thus, I speed).  In fact I was stopped on my way to the RAC in October but DPS let me go.

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The trials today went very well. Only 3 of us were putting the system through its paces but we did a hair more than our projections suggested we would.


Then we sat down, looked for problem spots, and spent another two hours making a few changes which will shave a few seconds off each order, and 15-30 minutes off each restock between waves.


Tomorrow I'm going back in. Unsure if I'll be pulling more orders or setting up workstations for other people, likely the latter, so that our packing and shipping people have supplies and space.


Monday morning though, that's the fun bit. 25 people working full-bore on Wave 1. No more trials. No more adjustments. Just sheer volume of work!

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Yeah, I'm really thinking we need a new thread for Bones SHIPPING excitement!! :D



--OneBoot :D

Come Monday, there will be one.


If not, I'll make one! :blush:



Done. Figured I would start with my pic links. Not much since I don't have time to go through the individual boxes yet.

I've been Ninja'd! :ph34r:


And it's not even Monday. Cool!

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