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Jasonators Noble Oak Elf Mounted Version

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This is the last of the Elves I have (I have some dupes, but I'm holding off painting them).

With all the horses that I have been playing with; I decided to do a Gray.

Of all the colors, a gray horse is going to make you work very hard for your color.

Its either TOO dark, or TOO Light.. Realize then when you start.

So I have painted the horse Gray already.  I just have to glue the rider onto his Horse.

I may do some independent painting on the figure before I attach him.

I have lined the rider at this point.  I'm thinking of Blues, and Silvers, with Reddish/brown oak leaves on

Horse, and Riders Cloak.  Beyond that it is my beginning premise !



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This is all coming from memory, and if I want I can walk two blocks and sit and look at one :)

Lotsa hawsies where I live.

Depending on how rich I make the blues, I may add some more blues into those shadows.

But again, Too Dark, or TOO light is the hazard with the horse.

I think I have the horse balanced, so there aren't those stark shifts from dark to light.  I've painted him four times

already, blending in the various darks, mid-tones, and lights.

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Sneaked in some painting time today.

Decided on the blue I wanted to use as a base color.

So put in blue for pants and cloak.

I'm trying to work up a metal color for the armor... either an Orangeish Silver, or a Pinkish Siler.

I'm leaning towards the pink with the silver since it would foil nicely with the gray on that horse.

I'm talking of an itzy bitzy hint of it, like I did on the gold armor with the Champion.


I also wanted to say Thank You to Ub3r_N3rd for reminding me that I should paint as and what I want, to ensure it

continues to be fun !  Tusen Takk Ub3r.

I have six more Meier Miniatures on the way !  ROFL


Here is the Mini:


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Its been a fun day, and dinner is almost ready !

I did some experimentation, and decided that a copper and pink armor is what I wanted to use for this guard.

Silver was just Bleh !

So, here is a further development of this mini.

(Keep in mind, I may scrap the whole thing in a heart beat).

Right now I like this directions !



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Decided that I needed to do some more work on the Mounted Noble Oak Elf.

Made some major changes as to color, and modified my original thinking.

But you can see how this is beginning to flow along.

I've gone back to the silver, but I am leaving a copper highlight !


Here is where I am at the moment.

(replaced original photo with a better one)


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Here are two more photos of the Noble Oak Elf as I transform from my previous version of what I wanted him to look like.

I am totally enjoying this expedition, I'm literally just "Playing".. new color palette is coming into play with the copper.

We'll see where it ends eventually.




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Looking good. The copper on the elf looks good but i am not so sure the horses mane should have any? Assuming thats actually mane i am seeing of course.

Its actually a Garland, I'm just laying down a layer of color to figure out what the heck to do with it.

It was a surprise when I started working on the mini..ROFL.


Once the color is in, I need to take it some where..  Might become a garland of autumn flower eventually.

This is Tom Meier creativity.  Throws a curve and expect you to solve the problem !

Thanks for your comment !

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Ah now I see!   So a fancy parade outfitted horse... just the right thing to escort a young princess...  but wait.. where is the princess!


I think I see your next project Jay :rock:

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I think you are correct robinh, After this one I will have to find a princess to plunk into the midst of this.

Jay's mind instantly remembers the words from Camelot..."Oh... Sir Dividend... Do you recall the other night,

when I distinctly said "You MIGHT" serve as my  escort at the next court ball.  You WERE the chosen one I know, but whom else

should go, but the mighty Champion in the Hall... and Du Lance, that charming Frenchman is the strongest knight I know, and of all our noble henchmen he by rights should take me to the show !!!!


All these knights behaving themselves.. getting boring.


Here are some more photos of the Noble Oak Guard as he progresses.




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Proceeding along.

Got the figure glued to horse at last.

Bringing in some highlights, working out balance, and thinking on how to handle some painting components

to bring out the best in the miniature !  Like the way the hghlighting is going on the back of the cloak, and

legs of rider...and at the same time trying to improve the photos.




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A bit of blending is needed on the cloak there Jay. Use your mid-tone and glaze it over very gently a few times with very thin paint barely damp your brush with it. Then go over the mid-tone area and a little bit of the lower end highlights. It'll darken those highlights in that transitional period a tad bit making it blend better.

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