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Good Sources for Resin Terrain

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So, I've been looking at some of the lovely terrain-map posts over on Frothers, and I'd really like to get into some of that sort of thing, since it feels morally wrong to buy any more minis until my Kickstarters come in. I've found a few nice terrain KS, but I'm not super into waiting - I just finished waiting for Kickstarters!


So, I'm gonna ask you guys. Who does nice, reasonably priced 28mm terrain (preferably resin or something fairly hefty)? I'm not looking for anything fancy, just some broken-up stone walls, trees, crates, rock formations, and other stuff in that vein....


Also, any suggestions for plastic/resin/whatever plants that look nice?


Edit: I'm in the US, BTW, so if they ship affordably to the US, that's a BIG plus...


Edit2: I was at a game store up in Cape Cod, and they had two types of modeled terrain. One was big, wide premade resin hills that came pre-flocked and painted, and the other was made out of recycled rubber. If either of those rings a bell and you could point me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it...

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Umm, let me check. I won't post links, due to forum rules, but I can tell you who to look for :)


OK, just resin bits and bobs, check out Armorcast (US) and Antenociti's workshop (UK) (just google the names)  <- seriously, Antenociti's is well worth a look just for the range of building, trimming and kitbashing supplies.


Now, ready-to-play terrain might be Advancedterrain, worth a look. (US)


An older company that makes rubber terrain, and with an atrocious webstore is miniatureworldmaker. They make stuff from resin, rubber and foam, and it comes painted and flocked, I think. They are not US, (Oz) but shipping is very reasonable.


Scotia-grendel are also not US, and shipping is a bit pricey, but they produce the old "fantasy forge" and "grendel" lines of fantasy terrain and decor; worth a look just because some of the pieces are so cute. (UK)

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