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77004: Bones Cave Troll


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I wanted to take a vacation from character minis for a while and paint up some monsters. Not only that, but perhaps even use some colour - as most of my minis have a tendency to include at least 8 browns, but lack more vivid colours. I wanted to do the cave troll in a fairly traditional green palette, but without relying on greens exclusively for the shades and highlights.



Here he is, brown liner'd and basecoated in Army Painter "Greenskin", which seemed sufficiently vivid and ridiculous.



I then did a heavy wash of P3 Exile Blue (dark, but quite intense blue), and started glazing back up with the Greenskin. After that I began to add drops of MSP Clear Yellow to the mix, and continued glazing up in layers. I also did his pustules up in MSP Regal Purple and P3 Beaten Purple, and his veins in P3 Sanguine base and highlight. His loincloth is GW Snakebite leather with a bit of walnut wash.





I'll post more progress as I make it!

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