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Time to Try Out the New Rules: Dave's Doctrine

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Okay, I'm game. Let's see how well I can keep up with one WIP per 'project.' We'll start with my Relic Knights minis, and from there, we'll zero in on The Doctrine. (Especially since they're the only ones that are mostly based.)


So, Kisa and Scratch, Special Edition Codifier Kisa and Scratch (who fell on the floor and needs to be re-glued), and Super Dungeon Explore Kisa:




Delphine and Ekhis:




Hasami, Fiametta, Cosplay Zineda, and Codifier Togen and Cecelia (who need a base):




The Prefects (a little more work needed here):




The Academy Guard:




The Librarians:




And last, but not least, the Novitiates:




I'll be focusing on the Kisa and Scratch models first, since they will share a common color palette. I'm leaning towards something resembling the 'stock' color scheme, but we'll see. I do know that her relic is supposed to look like obsidian, and for this, I have chosen blue obsidian.





Wish me luck, I'm going in!

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Top Posters In This Topic

Breaking News:


I have just learned that both Kisa and Austrician the Ogre are Tonnerians...which implies one of two things:

  1. The term "Tonnerian" refers to different intelligent species inhabiting the same planet.
  2. Or there is some serious sexual dimorphism going on in a single species.

Either way, they'll get the same color scheme for their skin.

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Look! Something has paint on it in this post!


SDE Kisa is basecoated (except for her base, which will get done last).


post-7145-0-36952800-1407023825_thumb.jpg  post-7145-0-23315100-1407023827_thumb.jpg


So, here's how I got started on her:

  • Her cloak and boots are currently old, old GW Midnight Blue (no current equivalent, though I believe CD'A has something close). I like to work from shade to highlight when I'm painting something that's supposed to be cloth. I will highlight up through GW Liche Purple (Xereus Purple) to GW Warlock Purple (Screamer Pink); shading with a little black in the deepest recesses (like inside her hood).
  • Her skin is currently GW Dark Flesh (Doombull Brown). This will be the mid-tone. The shade will be GW Scorched Brown (Rhinox Hide) and the highlight will probably be GW Vermin Brown (Skrag Brown).
  • Her hair, eyebrows, ears, and tail are currently GW Fortress Grey (Administatum Grey). It will get highlighted up through P3 Frostbite to white.
  • Her eyes and teeth are P3 Frostbite, highlighting up to white, obviously. Her irises will probably be yellow with slit pupils, like a housecat. I debated about the pupils for a while before deciding to go with that (over round pupils like a great cat).
  • Her gemstone is Liche Purple, which will be the mid-tone. It will be shaded down through Midnight Blue to black, and highlighted up to Warlock Purple with a white ting.
  • Her tongue is GW Tentacle Pink (possibly no equivalent) and will be shaded to Warlock Purple and highlighted to P3 Carnal Pink.
  • Her armor and staff are currently GW Tausept Ochre (Balor Brown), and will shade down to P3 Bootstrap Leather and highlight up through various yellows to white. I've been trying nonmetallic metals on the SDE minis.
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I'm about to start assembling my Doctine, though I didn't go all-in.  They are only going to get shaded primer for now though, because they are last on the list to actually get painted.


Yeah, I remember they mentioned in passing during the KS that Kisa and Austrican were the same race.  I'm hoping to hear more on what's up with that.  Austrican probably isn't abnormal for his race, since the Sebastian's shattered sword was originally weilded by a Tonnerian.

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I actually posted it over on the Sodapop forums, hoping for some sort of official answer.



EDIT: Man! The hairdryer works wonders on the bent bits. This plastic is great!

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My wife's hairdryer has three heat settings: Hot, Warm, and Cool.


Kisa's staff and tail took less than 2 seconds each on "Warm." My Academy Guards' staves took about 3. Doctrine is the only faction I've prepped, so I can't speak on any other parts, but the rest of the models that I have don't seem like they'll need much more than that.

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SDE Kisa, Phase 2:


post-7145-0-62606700-1407096373_thumb.jpg  post-7145-0-35830800-1407096376_thumb.jpg


So, here's the latest update:

  • Her cloak has gotten it's shading and first highlights. Shading was done with a wash-consistency black, and the highlighting was done with thinned GW Liche Purple (Xereus Purple). Next highlights will be with the pink-ish glaze in the pot she's standing on. It's a glaze of GW Warlock Purple (Screamer Pink).
  • Her eyes and mouth are done. Her eyes were done with GW Tausept Ochre (Balor Brown), highlighted with GW Sunburst Yellow (Flash Gitz Yellow).
  • Her hair and eyebrows (but not her ears or tail) are done. It was highlighted up with P3 Frostbite, then white.
  • The insides of her ears were basecoated in P3 Carnal Pink, and still need to be shaded.
  • Her boots, loincloth, gems, and the collar of her cloak are done.
  • Her staff and armor has been first-stage shaded with P3 Bootstrap Leather.
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Time to move on. Kisa's Relic is a huge, onyx cat.






Here's how it's supposed to go:

  • For the onyx, I have chosen blue onyx. I'm basecoating in GW Necron Abyss (Kantor Blue), will shade with black, and highlight with P3 Frostbite. Hopefully it works out.
  • For the gold, I'm using GW  Shining Gold (Gehenna's Gold), will shade with burnt sepia, and will highlight with GW Burnished Gold (Auric Armor Gold).
  • For the gems, I'll be using the same colors as SDE Kisa's gems.
  • For the cushion in the saddle, I'm debating whether to use purple, like Kisa's cloak, or red, just to give it some more color. I'm open to suggestions.
  • There will be some steel bits (claws and teeth, but not much else). I'll be using my 'dark steel' recipe. Based in Martha Stewart's Black Nickel, and highlighted up using P3 Radiant Platinum.
  • For the base, I'm going to have to figure out how to make marble. I have some photos, and will be practicing on some flat plastic when I get to that point.
  • The Esper crystal on the base will be done in yellows for The Doctrine's Essence affinity.
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My, aren't we chatty...I know, I know, it's the weekend. Nobody wants to hang out in the forums on the weekends.  ::P:



And here he is, finally 100% basecoated...






I've decided on Reaper HD Rusty Red for her saddle, and I've basecoated the marble in GW Astronomicon Grey (Celestra Grey). The stones are done in GW Stormvermin Fur, the moss is GW Gretchin Green (Deathworld Forest), and the Esper crystal took 6 coats of Reaper HD Mustard Yellow.



And that's all I'm doing for tonight.

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